Adjunct Appointments

The Department will follow the terms stipulated in the Collective Agreement between the University of Ottawa and the Association of Professors of the University of Ottawa as summarized below:

Adjunct Professorship: A scholar, an artist or a professional may be appointed as an adjunct professor in a University of Ottawa academic unit for the purpose of performing a specific and valuable academic function - such as supervising internships, research or theses, or conducting seminars, workshops or special classes - which is not in the circumstances performed by members of the academic staff. The term of appointment shall not exceed 60 months, but there shall be no limit on the number of reappointments. 

17.5.3 In the matter of appointment or reappointment of sessional lecturers or adjunct professors, the decision is made by the employer after consultation with the department concerned and its chair. The procedures governing such consultation shall be established by the department assembly.

Application Procedures:

Individuals interested in an adjunct professorship in the Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine should:

  • write to the Chair stating the reasons for seeking the appointment
  • provide a brief statement about their proposed involvement in departmental programs and activities (e.g. teaching, supervision of students, committee membership etc.)
  • submit an up-dated curriculum vitae (prepared in the OCGS format) describing education, academic and teaching experience, publications, honours, and sources and amounts of current research funding.
  • provide three letters of reference (one being from your supervisor)
  • those applicants who are considered by the Departmental Teaching Personnel Committee to be appropriate will be invited to present a seminar and to meet with members of the department. 


PLEASE NOTE: Applicants for adjunct appointment who also wish to supervise graduate students may also include an application for membership in the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FGPS). Procedures for application to the FGPS through this department will be forwarded to interested applicants upon request, or are available on our website: (

In assessing applications for adjunct professorships, Section 17.5 of the Collective Agreement will apply. The departmental DTPC and assembly will consider the involvement of these candidates in the following areas:

  1. Evidence of academic excellence: for example, independent peer-reviewed research funding or equivalent. 
  2. A research focus thas is directly linked to the fields of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Community Medicine, Public Health, Health Services Research. 
  3. Commitment of the candidate to become involved in departmental activities and programs - e.g. teaching, membership on departmental committees, research collaborations, attendance at departmental seminars, graduate student supervision.
  4. Current and future ability of candidate to offer sound training to graduate students in an area of research relevant to this department. Only members of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FGPS) may supervise students. Procedures for application to the FGPS will be forwarded to interested applicants upon request, or are available on our website: (
  5. In order to maintain a continued link with students who are studying off-site, Adjunct Professors who wish to supervise graduate students will be asked to identify a core member of the department, who is also a member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, to act as a co-supervisor.
  6. In the case of applications for adjunct professorship, an individual may be considered for appointment when he or she performs a function as outlined in section of the Collective Agreement, but does not fulfill the other criteria above.After the applicant's seminar and meeting with staff, members of the departmental assembly should convey their recommendation to the DTPC. The DTPC and the Chair will then vote, and forward their recommendation for appointment to the Dean. Once a final decision has been made by the Joint Committee, the candidate will be notified in writing.

Conditions for Adjunct Professor Status:

  1. Adjunct professors who have graduate students will be expected to make a defined contribution to academic services/programs in the department. The contribution could be in any one or more of the following activities: 
    • teaching in undergraduate or graduate programs, as required
    • member of thesis advisory committees
    • examiner on thesis defences
    • presubmission reader of theses
    • participation in the departmental seminar program 
  2. Adjunct professors will be requested to submit an Annual Report of activities as related to the Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine. 
  3. The performance of teaching and academic service to the department will provide a basis for requested assessments and for re-appointment after each three year term. For this purpose, an adjunct professor will be requested to submit an Annual Report of Activities as related to the Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine.
  4. The candidate must acknowledge his/her affiliation with the department in scholarly publications and communications. Contributions to scholarly publications or other communications by students registered in the department will be identified as coming from the Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine. 

Relation to the Department:

  1. Adjunct professors are encouraged to participate in departmental assemblies. They will receive copies of the agenda and minutes of departmental assembly meetings, and participate fully in meetings as non-voting members.
  2. Adjunct Professors will be included in any university or departmental publications listing research supervisors and/or areas of research.
  3. Applications of all qualified applicants for graduate studies will be made available to those Adjunct Professors who are members of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.
  4. Adjunct faculty who are members of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will have equal access to information, and are eligible for membership on committees dealing with Graduate Studies and Research.

Renewal of Appointments:

When an appointment is due for renewal, an adjunct professor should submit a written request to the Chair confirming that he/she would like to have the appointment renewed for another term, along with an up-dated curriculum vitae, and copies of any research publications listing the applicant's affiliation with the department. The departmental Teaching Personnel Committee will then re-assess the appointment, using the same criteria stipulated for initial appointments as well as Annual Reports received during the past term. 

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