Cross Appointments

An application for cross-appointment to the School will follow, generally, the principles and regulations resulting from the Collective Agreement. The relevant sections of the collective agreement are summarized below: A cross-appointment reflects the active and substantial involvement of a faculty member in the teaching, research, development of academic programmes, or supervision of graduate students in more than one department. A cross-appointment shall be for a term not exceeding 5 years and is renewable. Decisions regarding a member’s application for cross-appointment shall be made by the Joint Committee, upon recommendation by the deans of the faculties concerned after receiving recommendations from all concerned chairmen or directors, FTPCs, and STPCs or DTPCs. Before the submission of the recommendations for a cross-appointment to the Joint Committee, the member shall be notified in writing by her/his dean as to:

  • The effect of the proposed cross-appointment on the member’s responsibilities and privileges;
  • Whether the member will or will not have full membership in the assembly of her proposed secondary department(s).

Application Procedure

Individuals interested in a cross-appointment in the School of Epidemiology and Public Health should write to the Director stating the reasons for seeking the appointment, and enclosing an updated curriculum vitae (prepared in the OCGS format) describing education, related experience, publications, honours, and sources and amount of current research funding. Preferably, this CV should be in the format prescribed by the Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies to facilitate review and possible consideration for simultaneous appointment to the School. In addition, the candidates are requested to obtain a brief letter of confirmation from the chairman of the department where they hold their primary appointment, supporting their appointment in this School. Those applicants who are considered to be appropriate will be invited to present a seminar, and to meet the members of the School. In assessing applications for cross-appointment, Section 17.4 of the collective agreement between the University and APUO will apply. The School TPC and Assembly will consider the potential involvement of these persons in terms of:

  1. Academic excellence – quality of work, productivity, success in obtaining research grants, other forms recognized by peers.

  2. Relevance of research interest to School research activities.

  3. Commitment of the professor to become involved in School activities and programs – teaching, membership on School Committees, research collaborations, attendance at the School Seminar and graduate student supervision.

  4. Ability of the candidate to offer sound training to graduate students in an area of research complementary to this School. This is relevant only for those applicants who hold supervisory privileges, or who will be applying for such privileges. Procedures for application for supervisory privileges through the School of Epidemiology and Public Health will be forwarded to interested applicants.

Applicants requesting supervisory privileges must adhere to procedures described by the School and the Faculty of Medicine. After the applicant’s seminar and meetings with the staff, members of the School Assembly should convey their recommendations to the STPC. The STPC and the Director will then vote and forward their recommendation to the FTPC. Once a final decision is made by the Joint Committee (University), the candidate will be notified in writing by the Dean and/or the Director. Conditions for cross-appointments:

  1. Cross-appointees from Clinical Departments will not normally hold cross-appointments to other basic science departments concurrently.

  2. Cross-appointees who have graduate students will be expected to make a defined contribution to academic services / programs in the School, proportional at least to their number of graduate students. The maximum contribution per student could be as follows:

    • Teaching in undergraduate programs as required
    • Member of thesis advisory committees
    • Examiner on MSc. thesis defenses
    • Pre-submission reader of theses
    • Regular participation in the School Seminar program
  3. The performance of teaching and academic service to the School will provide a basis for requested assessments and for re-appointment after each three or five year term. For this purpose, a cross-appointee will be expected to provide an annual update of activities as related to the School of Epidemiology and Public Health, which will be included in the annual report of the School. 
  4. The professor must acknowledge his/her affiliation with the School in scholarly publications and communications, where appropriate. Contributions to scholarly publications or other communications by students registered in the School will be identified as coming from the School of Epidemiology and Public Health. 

Relation to the School:

  1. Cross-appointed professors are encouraged to participate in School assemblies, whether they have full (voting) membership or not. Minutes of meetings of the School Assembly will be provided to cross-appointees.

  2. Recommendations by the School on matters such as tenure and promotion will be based on same criteria as for regular full-time members.

  3. Cross-appointees will be included in all university and School publications listing research supervision and/or areas research.

  4. Students in the graduate program supervised by cross-appointed professors are subject to the same conditions and benefits as other students in the program, (e.g. admission procedures, supervisory committees, seminar attendance, course requirements, photocopy and other School privileges).

  5. School facilities (such as photocopying, access to e-mail, etc.) will be available to the professor if such facilities are not available through the primary department.

Renewal of appointments

When an appointment is due for renewal, a cross-appointee should submit a written request to the Director, confirming that they would like to have their appointment renewed for a further term, along with an up-dated curriculum vitae, and copies of any research publications listing the applicant’s affiliation with the School. In addition, a brief letter of confirmation from the chairman of the primary department supporting the reappointment to this School should also be submitted. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to initiate this request at least three months prior to the expiry of a term of appointment, to facilitate the necessary reviews. The School TPC will then assess the appointment using the same criteria stipulated for initial appointment. 

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