Supervisory Privileges

Application Procedures:

Regular faculty members, cross-appointees and adjunct professors who are interested holding graduate student supervisory privileges should:

  • submit a request, in writing, to the Director of the School (this request may be submitted at the same time as the request for a cross- or adjunct appointment)
  • the applicant should outline their reasons for wishing to have supervisory privileges
  • obtain a brief letter of confirmation from the director/supervisor where you hold your main appointment, supporting your request for supervisory privileges
  • submit an updated curriculum vitae, prepared in the OCGS format (see sample)
  • Professors may wish to write short covering letters explaining their research contributions


Requests will be considered by the School Teaching Personnel Committee, and decided by vote. If approved, the Director will forward the recommendation to the Faculty Teaching Personnel Committee.

In considering applications for supervisory privileges, the School Teaching Personnel Committee will consider the following factors, which represent School expectations and requirements:

  • Academic excellence in terms of quality of work, productivity, success in obtaining grants etc.
  • Maintenance of an active program in an area of research relevant to the School.
  • Experience as a graduate student, post-doctoral fellow or researcher in an academic institution in a basic science department, and/or previous experience supervising graduate students. Willingness to have a co-supervisor may be a pre-condition when submitting applications to the Faculty Teaching Personnel Committee. 
  • In order to maintain a continued link with students who are studying off-site, Adjunct Professors who wish to take graduate students will be asked to identify a core member of the School, who is also a member with supervisory privileges, to act as co-supervisor.
  • Willingness to teach in the graduate program, including lectures, participation in comprehensive examinations, thesis examinations and thesis advisory committees, as required.

Periodic Review of Supervisory Privileges:

Periodically, the Faculty Teaching Personnel Committee reviews renewal of supervisory privileges, which usually coincides with the terms of cross- or adjunct appointments. When a professor is scheduled for review, he/she will be informed by the Director that his/her privileges will be re-examined. They will also be asked to provide specific details about their contributions to the School during the past term (e.g., student supervision, involvement in teaching at the graduate level, course development, membership on thesis advisory committees, examining and/or chairing thesis defences and comprehensive examinations, membership on graduate committees, etc.) with an up-dated curriculum vitae, presented in the OCGS format. The decision regarding renewal will be made by the School Teaching Personnel Committee and then forwarded to the Faculty Teaching Personnel Committee for final approval.

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