Academic Half Day

The Academic Half Day (AHD) curriculum is a rotating 2 year series of seven major themes.  They are held each Friday morning. Residents who are away on rotations from Ottawa participate through web conference or teleconference.

It is expected that residents will have the opportunity to pass through the full AHD curriculum twice over the course of their residency. 

Series Weeks
Communicable Disease Control & Emergency Preparedness 10 + 3
Health Promotion, Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention 15
Environmental & Occupational Health 11 + 3
Epidemiology & Surveillance 8
Management & Leadership 9
Policy & Law 5
Ethics, Equity, & Priority Populations 8
Subtotal 71
Provincial rounds 12
Holidays: Good Friday, Christmas, New Year’s 6
Special Events 8
Field Trips 4
Buffers 3
Subtotal 33
Total 104
  • Special Ottawa Events (4 per year): resident retreat, national review course, national written exam, national written exam review
  • Field trips: EOHU Communications/Media training, PHAC Quarantine & Border Services Canada, Public Health Lab, Waste-Water treatment facility, Queen’s Field emergency planning
  • End of Series Exams: to be held quarterly after AHD
  • Buffer (1-2 per year): Conferences (Canadian Immunization Conference, Canadian Public Health Association, etc.)

Each AHD session is divided into three main parts. The first session is an invited guest speaker, typically a PHPM physician, to speak on a major topic of interest. The second session of AHD is dedicated to a rotating schedule of other academic activities which are typically resident led (see below). We have also built in 30 minutes of mock exam practice which can be either a written or oral exercise. The typical AHD structure per block is as follows:

AHD Structure
Time Session
09:00 - 10:45

Session 1
Invited guest speaker presentation

10:45 - 11:00 Break
1100 - 1130 Exam prep (written or oral)
1130 - 1230

Session 2

  • Resident Lecture
  • Resident Hot Topics or Consolidation
  • Journal Club or Seminal Paper
  • Resident Business
  • Resident Roundtable and Case Review
  • Resident Wellness and Career Preparation Lecture


Components of AHD structure
Components Structure
Invited guest speaker First presentation of AHD
Provincial rounds Different hosts
Resident led exam-prep and lecturer
  • Prepare written/oral exam questions for fellow resident
  • Provided presentation on the exam topic or consolidation of another topic
Journal club or seminal paper Resident led journal club with practice written exam questions
Resident business Chief update, resident rep update
Resident roundtable and case review
  • Update from all residents on their rotations
  • Present a case from your previous rotation, quick teaching case (1-2 slides, maximum 10 minutes)
Field trips/special education Examples include water treatment plant, media interviewing
Resident Wellness and Career Preparation Physician Wellness, Career Planning, Royal College Exam Preparation, Personal Learning Plans, Maintaining Competencies, Transition to Practice, Personal Development
  • Field trips/special education (e.g. include water treatment plant, media interviewing)
  • National written exam
  • Holidays that cancel AHD (Good Friday, Christmas, New Year’s)
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