Diane Lu MD PhD FCFP MPH FRCPC (she)


Diane Lu MD PhD FCFP MPH FRCPC (she)
Adjunct Professor

Department of National Defence

Work E-mail: diane.lu@forces.gc.ca

Diane Lu


Research publications

Strauss B, Tepper M, Lu D, Gagnon F, Girard E, Demczuk W, Martin I, Massé M, Barnes K. Three sequential outbreaks of Group A Streptococcus over a two year period at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School, St. Jean Garrison, Quebec. CCDR 2020:46(9);256-263.

Lu D, Strauss B, Simkus K, Tepper M, Gagnon Maj F, Johnson Cap N, Gerard Maj E, Barnes Cdr K. Adverse events following Mass Antibiotic Prophylaxis during a group A Streptococcus Outbreak in CFLRS. CCDR 2020:46(9);264-271

McCuaig Edge H, Carlucci S, Lu D. The role of Force Health Protection in the Canadian Armed Forces’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. CCDR 2020:46(9);279-281.

Thériault FL, Lu D, Hawes RA. Development and validation of a case-finding algorithm for neck and back pain in the Canadian Armed Forces using health administrative data. JMVFH 2019;5(2):16-26.

Hammond-Collins K., Strauss B, Barnes Cdr K, Demczuk W, Domingo M-C, Lamontagne M-C, Lu D, Martin I, Tepper M. Group A Streptococcus outbreak in a Canadian Armed Forces training facility. Military Medicine 2019;184(3/4):e197-204.


Research abstracts

Lu DJ, Perrie S. The Canadian Armed Forces Health Survey: Collection Experience. CIMVHR 2019

Fikretoglu D, McCuaig Edge H, Liu A, Lu D. How do depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation change during the civilian-to-military service transition? CIMVHR 2019

Fields of Interest

  • Population health surveillance of Canadian Armed Forces personnel with the Department of National Defence
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