Since 2019, approval has been mandatory for all acquisition and relocation of laboratory and office equipment to or within RGN. This also includes items purchased by others (including our partner institutes, OHRI, CHEO, or central procurement) or donated to your lab.

To simplify and improve the process, we have developed a single form for all types of equipment requests, whether it is acquisition, decommissioning or relocation.

What does this mean?

  • Elimination of multiple forms, stating the same information.
  • Creation of pre-filled decommissioning tags
  • Automated routing of requests to the services concerned, whether it is medfaci, medsafety or CETS.
  • The applicant is responsible for submitting accurate information to facilitate the assessment of the request.
  • Applications are reviewed on a regular basis. The processing time varies according to the volume of requests received, the accuracy of the information submitted and the complexity (particularities of the equipment and / or building constraints). We therefore recommend that you plan.
  • Some requests require a second level of approval. These are submitted on Thursday to Facilities (central). From this point, the usual processing time is about a week.
  • Once the final approval is received, if work is required to be done, the delivery date will be based on the completion of the work.

We understand that this process causes delays, and we thank you for your patience. By working together, we can ensure the continuity of research and teaching programs.



We have made several resources available to help you submit your request:


Thank you!

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