Event Coordination

Pictures of chairs and curtains in the atrium

Here is the list of what is available at the Faculty:

  • 20 rectangular tables, 30  x 72
  • 10 Bistro tables
  • 20 round tables for 8 people
  • 50 feet of curtains (grenat)
  • 80 feet of red retractable crowd control ribbon
  • 150 folding chairs
  • 40 poster boards (48 x 48)
  • 30 white round tablecloths
  • 30 white rectangular tablecloths

Placing a request:

  • Send your request with a minimum of 12 working days notice, with all the details at medfaci@uottawa.ca This time is necessary for us to coordinate the setup and ensure that the Transport team will be available.
  • The requester must be on site to meet with the Transport team and ensure that the setup is done as wanted.
  • Tablecloths installation must be done by the requester.
  • All additional items must be coordinated by the requester through Conventions and Reservations.
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