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Message from the Chair

Reflecting on this past year of change and growth, I could not be more proud of our Department and its achievements in 2017.

This has been an exciting year of change and success. We have a new location, new leaders, new projects and new faculty!

Our successful accreditation with the highest ranking by the CFPC confirmed the strength and quality of our programs. Dr. Alison Eyre (Postgraduate Program Director) was recognized for her leadership and we are grateful to Dr. Eyre for her passionate commitment over 6 years. Dr. Sohil Rangwala, our new Postgraduate Director, received the 2017 OCFP Award of Excellence for his commitment and mentorship in promoting family medicine resident advancement and education, and improving the quality of the resident experience.  As a former resident and Postgraduate Director at the Primrose Unit, he is well placed to support our talented and dedicated residents and faculty members on a continued path of excellence. Examples of recognition include Dr. Annelise Miller, the 2017 Murray Stalker Award winner, Dr. Robin Kennie, the OCFP Community Teacher of the Year and Dr. Christiane Kuntz, OCFP Regional Family Physician of the Year.

Our Family Medicine preceptors and teachers at the undergraduate level, and the passionate members of the Family Medicine Interest Group, continue to attract students to our program. Our influence at all levels of the medical school ensures that the future physicians of tomorrow understand the important role of Family Medicine, particularly in the area of patient-centered communication. 

Our success in Family Medicine research continues to ensure that we are a leading department in Canada. Our core clinician scientists with the CTLC, as well as the research institutes at Bruyère, the Ottawa Hospital and Montfort, our PRIME grants and Family Medicine Resident Scholarly Project, support our innovation and expanding evidence base.  Dr. Charles Adamson, a 2016 PRIME grant recipient, presented at his first NAPCRG on Meditation to Improve Empathy and Resilience in Family Medicine Residents. Dr. Jordan Littman (a 2015 graduate) and Dr. Roland Halil received the CFP Original research article of the year for, Potential effects of rational prescribing on national health care spending. Dr. Daniel Myran (a 2017 graduate) and Dr. Jillian Bardsley (PGY2) won the 2017 OCFP Research Competition. This coming year we will launch the Ottawa Practice Enhancement Network (OPEN). This grassroots and participatory initiative involves the collaborative engagement of primary care faculty, experts in quality improvement, researchers, patients and local health planners to establish local priorities and work to achieve their regional goals to optimizing care.

Our commitment to social accountability both locally and globally continues to drive our work as a Department. Our faculty support programs in Bénin and Guyana. Montfort resident Dr. Maude B. Perras spent a month working with our Guyanese residents in the Family Medicine Training Program. She was also the first-ever recipient of the DFM Global Health Travel Bursary. Dr. Peter Kuling was recognized with the CMA Sir Charles Tupper Award for Political Action for his exceptional leadership as a physician advocate across Canada. Our international project with the Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine continues. Dr. Ed Seale, Director of PGY3 Enhanced Skills, and Dr. Chuck Su, Director of Distributed Medical Education, traveled to Shanghai in early 2017 to train the school’s physician preceptors on patient-centered clinical teaching models. Dr. Monica Brewer led the International Primary Care Teaching Fellowship for our first graduates, Dr. Zhongqing Xu and Dr. Li Yuan, in the spring.  We returned to Shanghai and met with them and others to reinforce the establishment of appropriate Family Medicine clinical placements for the students. 

We moved to our new offices and excellent teaching space at the uOttawa Alta Vista Campus in October.  We are grateful to the Bruyère Hospital for hosting the Department for many years.  As we adjust to our new space and new parking challenges we appreciate our close proximity to our colleagues at the Faculty of Medicine.  We also embarked on a review of our governance and accountability in 2017. Thanks to the hard work of the steering committee, three working groups, our support staff and facilitation by Dr. Nick Busing, we have made good progress on gathering input from many stakeholders.  We look forward to continuing this work in 2018, to ensure our faculty members are supported and recognized for their important contributions.  Thank you to everyone in our department who contributes their time and passion for Family Medicine.  You can see many of them in our long and impressive list of award winners on our website.

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Dianne Delva, MD, CCFP, FCFP

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