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Dr. Maude B. Perras in Georgetown, Guyana

Dr. Maude B. Perras in Georgetown, Guyana

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Megan Williams MD, CCFP - Director, Global Health

Top Accomplishments

  • 36 residents participate in the Global Health Training Track
  • The Guyana Family Medicine Residency Program has 11 active residents
  • 15 residents completed an elective in an indigenous community, one PGY2 and one PGY3 resident completed an elective in Guyana
  • Dr. Maude B. Perras is the first-ever recipient of the DFM Global Health Travel Bursary

A Cross Cultural Experience

The Ottawa Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM) was established in October 2014 and the first cohort of medical students is progressing through pre-clerkship. In preparation for clinical clerkship, the local Chinese physician preceptors requested training on Canadian bedside clinical teaching. Four physicians from the Faculty of Medicine, including the DFM’s Dr. Chuck Su and Dr. Ed Seale, were asked to present a four-day Faculty Development Event in Shanghai in February 2017.

“Having the opportunity to learn how medicine is practiced and taught in different countries adds to our own knowledge and gives us ideas on how we can make changes in our own home.”

Dr. Ed Seale,
Director of PGY3 Enhanced Skills

A Visit to the North

In her final year of residency, Dr. Annelise Miller, the 2017 CFPC Murray Stalker Award recipient, spent two months in the Canadian north, in Iqaluit and Arctic Bay (Ikpiarjuk), Nunavut. This full immersion in the beautiful and remote high arctic offered a new perspective on health, disease and the challenges of serving an isolated and low-resource setting. Thoroughly captivated by the communities she visited, Dr. Miller made plans to return to Nunavut to practice following graduation.

“Living and working in Nunavut was a life-changing and practice-changing experience.”

Dr. Annelise Miller,
Resident and 2017 Murray Stalker Award Winner

Reflections on the Guyana Elective

Dr. Maude B. Perras, a Montfort resident, has always had a strong interest in Global Health. In 2017, she spent one month working in community health centres and hospital settings in Georgetown, Guyana. Dr. Perras takes inspiration from the extraordinary dedication of her Guyanese colleagues despite major disparities in the availability of resources and access to care that we are accustomed to in Canada. She was also the first-ever recipient of the DFM Global Health Travel Bursary, established to support learners to participate in Global Health initiatives.

“Getting out of my comfort zone and day-to-day routine, and exploring what is done elsewhere will help me to be a better family physician.”

Dr. Maude B. Perras,


DFM Global Health Travel Bursary

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