Our Report Card

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Our Learners

Goal 1

Deliver outstanding programs to ensure graduates are able to provide excellent comprehensive care that meets the evolving needs of Canadian and global society, in both official languages.

  Objective Our Evidence Results
1.1 Provide learners with programs that ensure their success as competent and compassionate physicians
  • Our two-year residency and PGY3 programs received the highest possible accreditation results from the CFPC
  • 100% of graduating residents completed their CFPC examination
  • The Montfort Hospital is officially designated as a Group A academic teaching hospital
  • Resident-led initiatives, including the resident retreat and mentorship program, improve wellness and resiliency
  • An online Simulated Office Oral exam tool was developed to improve resident evaluation and feedback
  • Dr. Robin Kennie is the OCFP Community teacher of the Year, Dr. Christiane Kuntz is the OCFP regional Family Physician of the Year
  • Dr. Annelise Miller is the CFPC Murray Stalker Award recipient
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1.2 University of Ottawa students continue to lead the country in choosing Family Medicine training
  • 42.4% of undergraduate students chose Family Medicine
  • Number of 4th year electives within Family Medicine teaching units increases by 20%
  • 53% of uOttawa medical students participate in the Family Medicine Interest Group
  • 17% of undergraduate teaching provided by DFM faculty
  • Our program had >10% increase in CaRMS applications across all streams
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1.3 Graduates are skilled in QI and have the management skills to effectively deliver high quality care
  • Resident QI teaching sessions were updated to include a case study based on resident feedback
  • Faculty development sessions on QI delivered at community and annual retreats, and at the community journal club
  • 35% of FMRSP focused on QI topics, 4% increase from 2016
  • 86% of polled residents believe QI is relevant to their future work, 5% increase from 2016
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Residents develop as teachers

  • Revitalized resident-led mentorship program matches motivated PGY2s mentors for incoming PGY1s
  • All residents complete Residents as Teachers training
  • Residents contribute to undergraduate medical education teaching
  • PGY3s delivered 15 CPD session, a 150% increase from 2016, as well as 23 hours of peer teaching for PGY1/2s
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1.5 PGY3 Program meets the needs of learners and community aligned with Ontario’s Action Plan
  • PGY3 program received the highest possible accreditation results from the CFPC
  • Each PGY3 program matched to their #1 choice
  • Francophone PGY3 opportunities expanded with a PGY3 resident each in Emergency Medicine and Enhanced Maternity Skills at the Montfort Hospital
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Our Evidence Base

Goal 2

Generate and translate knowledge for better patient care

Objective 2.1

Strengthen the C.T. Lamont Primary Health Care Research Centre (CTLC)

  Objective Our Evidence Results
2.1.1 Expand research quality and impact
  • 130 research publications, 208 presentations
  • 24 successful grant applications, 13 as Principal Investigator
  • $14.7M in new funding, and a total of $15.1M active research dollars
  • Establishment of Ottawa Practice Engagement Network (OPEN) will connect primary care providers, experts in quality improvement, researchers, patients and local health planners to establish local priorities and optimize care
  • Champlain BASETM eConsult recognized as a CFPC Innovation in Primary Care
    Eight active Academy of Scientist research project websites
  • Dr. Lise Bjerre initiates work to develop guidelines advocating for universal access to Canadian medication information
  • Vela Tadic, RSW is the TUTOR-PHC Research Award recipient
  • Dr. Jordan Littman and Dr. Roland Halil are the CFP Best Original Research Article recipients
  • Dr. Sharon Johnston is the recipient of the Distinguished Paper Award at the NAPCRG Annual Conference
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2.1.2 Ensure Growth & Sustainability
  • Progress made on the recruitment of a Primary Healthcare Research Chair in Dementia
  • The CTLC contributes expertise to DFM Governance and Accountability initiatives
  • The establishment of Ottawa Practice Engagement Network (OPEN) will encourage growth in 2018
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Objective 2.2

Increase residents’ and faculty members’ capacity for scholarship and research

  Objective Our Evidence Results

Increase knowledge and expertise in knowledge creation and translation

Increase engagement and productivity in knowledge creation and translation

  • CTLC offers a new course in publication science to researchers and physicians, and a one-on-one research workshop to help prepare for conferences
  • DFM provides support to the Better Prescribing Conference, Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference and International Conference on Humanizing Healthcare
  • Seven Research Grand Rounds were held by the CTLC to showcase research projects
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2.2.2 Build and enhance scholarship and research capacity for residents
  • The Clinician Scholar Program has two PGY3 residents, Dr. Emélie Braschi and Dr. Sarah Gower
  • Dr. Jillian Bardsley and Dr. Daniel Myran are the 2017 OCFP Resident Research Competition award recipients
  • Dr. Matthew Loranger and Dr. Andrew Pipe are recognized with Honourable Mention, CAME Research Award for Oral Presentation
  • Christopher Russell, a uOttawa medical student, presents a research poster at FMF
  • Dr. Wendy Zhang and Dr. Annelise Miller presents a research poster at FMF, and Dr. Tetyana Rogalska contributes to a research study presented at FMF
  • Support for FMRSP and QI Projects provided by CTLC
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  Objective Our Evidence Results
2.3 Influence and contribute to the Ministry of Health’s quality agenda
  • Dr. Barbara Farrell and Dr. Kevin Pottie release an evidence-based practice guidelines for deprescribing proton pump inhibitors
  • Programs modeled on the Champlain BASETM eConsult are launched in Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Newfoundland
  • All Montfort residents present research posters at Journées Montfort
  • Resident teaching in QI updated to include a case study, based on resident feedback
  • Several faculty development sessions on QI offered at the community and annual faculty retreats, and at the community journal club
  • Dr. Ed Seale, the Community QI Lead, presents a poster on the DFM QI Faculty Development Program at FMF 2017
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Our Social Accountability

Goal 3

Advance our social accountability mandate locally and globally

  Objective Our Evidence Results
3.1 Raise the profile of and promote the benefits of strong Family Medicine department in both official languages within the Faculty of Medicine and our communities
  • The Montfort Hospital is officially designated as a Group A academic teaching hospital
  • Francophone PGY3 opportunities expanded with a PGY3 resident each in Emergency Medicine and Enhanced Maternity Skills at the Montfort Hospital
  • A new, fully bilingual DFM website is launched
  • Bilingual social media accounts established
  • All e-newsletter issues and wide-audience email campaigns available in both official languages
  • Dr. Kevin Pottie initiates the development of evidence-based guidelines for critical interventions to support the homeless
  • Dr. Claire Kendall establishes a comprehensive research program to support primary care for people living with HIV
  • Preliminary work prepares Navigating Ottawa Resources to Improve Health (NORTH), a partnership between uOttawa, Carleton University and the Bruyère Family Medicine Centre led by Dr. Michael Hirsh, to open in 2018 
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3.2 Build collaboration with the School of Epidemiology and Public Health
  • The DFM moves to 600 Peter Morand Crescent in October 2017, sharing an office building with the School of Epidemiology and Public Health
  • Faculty and staff with the School of Epidemiology and Public Health are invited to DFM events including the Open House and faculty development sessions
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3.3 Define Global Health program objectives to promote social equity locally, nationally and worldwide
  • 15 residents completed an elective in an indigenous community, one PGY2 and one PGY3 resident completed an elective in Guyana
  • Dr. Megan Williams is recognized by the DFM for her contributions to the program, incoming Director Dr. Taylor Lougheed to join the team in 2018
  • Work on a draft Strategic Plan for Global Health is initiated
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Contribute to international development of medical education

  • Dr. Maude B. Perras is the first-ever recipient of the DFM Global Health Travel Bursary
  • A fundraising drive at the faculty retreat adds nearly $2500 to the DFM Global Health Travel Bursary
  • There are 11 active residents in the Family Medicine Residency Program for Guyana, two residents visited Ottawa to observe our program
  • Extension of Family Medicine Residency Program in Guyana is investigated
  • The first cohort of students at the Ottawa Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM) is progressing through pre-clerkship
  • Three physicians from the OSJSM visited from Shanghai for training in Canadian-style family medicine education
  • Two physicians from the DFM present a four day Faculty Development Event in Shanghai
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3.5 Foster and teach advocacy at all levels
  • 36 residents participate in the Global Health Training Track
  • Visual Thinking strategies and Allied Healthcare Provider Visits added to 3rd year family medicine rotations and contribute to enhanced social accountability
  • NORTH is a key project within uOttawa’s undergraduate program addressing the importance of social accountability in medicine
  • Dr. Tamara Pokrupa-Nahanni is the CFPC Indigenous Student Leadership Award recipient
  • Dr. Peter Kuling is the CMA Sir Charles Tupper Award for Political Action recipient
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Our People

Goal 4

In a supportive and healthy workplace, promote leadership, collaboration and teamwork

Objective Our Evidence Results
4.1 Identify, develop and support leaders and advocates in Family Medicine at all levels
  • 10 DFM Faculty members hold leadership positions at the Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty development sessions on promotions and teaching dossiers are offered
  • Work is initiated to identify and support a Program Chief Resident for the DFM 
  • Dr. Annelise Miller is the Murray Stalker Award recipient
  • Dr. Sohil Rangwala is an OCFP Award of Excellence recipient
  • Dr. Robin Kennie is the OCFP Community Teacher of the Year recipient
  • Dr. Christiane Kuntz is the OCFP Family Physician of the Year recipient
  • 14 DFM Faculty members were Faculty of Medicine Award in Education recipients
  • Dr. Tamara Pokrupa-Nahanni is the CFPC Indigenous Student Leadership Award recipient
  • Dr. Shari Manga and Dr. Maija Robinson are the CFPC Medical Student Leadership Award recipients
  • Kirsten Desjardins-Lorimer is the CFPC Medical student Scholarship recipient
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Enhance collaboration/ teamwork in practice

  • The departmental move to 600 Peter Morand fosters teamwork within the DFM team, including staff and faculty directors
  • Three faculty members received cross-appointments with other faculties at uOttawa
  • Allied healthcare providers are designated as faculty members
  • The Governance and Accountability initiative promotes collaboration across all faculty and teaching environments
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4.3 Promote collaboration with internal/external partners
  • The departmental move to 600 Peter Morand enhances collaboration with colleagues at the Faculty of Medicine
  • Several DFM faculty members hold leadership positions at local, provincial, national and international organizations, including Dr. Hugues Loemba (Medial Officer in the AIDS and Viral Diseases Division at Health Canada), Dr. Gabriela Lewin (Vice-Chair of the Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care), Dr. David Ponka (Advisory Council Member with the CFPC Besrour Centre), Dr. José Pereira (Director of CFPC Research), Dr. Bill Hogg (Board Chair of NAPCRG) and Dr. Patricia Huston (Editor-in-Chief of the Canada Communicable Diseases Report with Public Health Agency of Canada)
  • The Department Chair on the Board of the Montfort Hospital academic medical organization
  • The Bénin Program has offered a five week placement for medical students in residents for over a decade
  • Research presentations delivered at conferences in Canada, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Italy, South Africa, Finland, Australia and the United States of America
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Support and enhance recognition in the workplace

  • A governance and accountability initiative seeks to recognize the efforts and contributions of faculty members
  • Years of Service Awards are presented for the second year in a row
  • DFM reports a record number of award recipients
  • Award recipients are featured on the DFM website, e-newsletter and Annual Report
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