From left, Dr. Alexander Mungham, Dr. Elise Azzi and Dr. Alyx Holden at the Resident Retreat

From left, Dr. Alexander Mungham, Dr. Elise Azzi and Dr. Alyx Holden at the Resident Retreat

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Alison Eyre MDCM, CCFP, FCFP
from July 2017 Sohil Rangwala, MDCM, CCFP Director, Postgraduate Education

Top Accomplishments

  • Our two year residency and PGY3 programs received the highest possible accreditation results from the CFPC
  • 91 graduating residents, PGY2 (70) and PGY3 (21)
  • 100% CFPC exam completion, a 5% increase from 2016
  • A Bruyère resident, Dr. Annelise Miller, is the CFPC Murray Stalker Award Winner

My Vision for Postgraduate Education

"My vision includes working with faculty and residents to explore ways where we can maximize the attainment of competencies, building on mentorship programs and continuing to work on solidifying an evaluation and assessment process that is effective but not onerous. In the past year, we have seen transition at many levels of leadership in the postgraduate program. We are looking forward to further success, innovation and collaboration in our department!"

“I truly believe this is a very exciting time in family medicine.”

Dr. Sohil Rangwala,
Postgraduate Program Director

Resident-led initiatives promote wellness and resiliency

In September 2017, DFM residents spent their Academic Day at Camp Otterdale, a beautiful setting that lent itself to fun, relaxation and opportunities for stronger connections amongst our hard-working residents. A new, revitalized mentorship program also matches motivated PGY2s to be mentors for incoming PGY1s even prior to site match. Using a resident-built website, interested mentees can identify and contact a long list of possible mentors across several teaching sites. The website also hosts useful information hand-selected by current residents, to assist incoming cohorts. Topics include wellness, things to do in Ottawa, housing, exam preparation, maximizing vacation time, and more.

“The Family Medicine Resident Retreat is a unique opportunity that fosters unity and camaraderie across all the Ottawa training sites and cohorts.”

Dr. Elise Azzi,

“The overall goal of our mentorship program is to help incoming medical students transition and cope in the first few months of residency by having people to talk to and resources that they can easily find.”

Dr. Haroun Zayed,

PGY3 Enhanced Skills Program

Dr. Ed Seale at his practice in Orleans, ON.

Dr. Ed Seale at his practice in Orleans, ON.

Top Accomplishments

  • Each PGY3 program matched to their #1 choice
  • Two new directors joined the program, Dr. Lyndsey Bradley (Sport and Exercise Medicine) and Dr. Ami Chin (Care of the Elderly). Many thanks to our outgoing directors, Dr. David Mai and Dr. Véronique French-Merkley
  • 15 CPD sessions delivered by PGY3s, 150% increase from 2016

“I am truly looking forward to working with all of my colleagues and talented residents to ensure that we provide the most supportive and creative learning environment both now and in the future.”

Dr. Ed Seale,
Director of PGY3 Enhanced Skills 

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