Quality Improvement

Drs. Megan Neufeld, Shari Manga, Helen Gao and Jillian Smith at the resident retreat

Drs. Megan Neufeld, Shari Manga, Helen Gao and Jillian Smith at the resident retreat

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Elizabeth Muggah MD, CCFP Director, Quality Improvement

Top Accomplishments

  • 35% of FMRSP focused on QI topics, 4% increase from 2016
  • 86% of polled residents believe QI is relevant to their future work, 5% increase from 2016
  • Visiting faculty from Shanghai were supported to complete a QI project
  • QI teaching sessions were updated to include a case study, in response to resident feedback

Resident winners at Journées Montfort

Montfort PGY1 residents had the opportunity to present their QI Projects at Journées Montfort. The Montfort Council of Physicians, chaired by Dr. Chantal D’Aoust-Bernard, awarded prizes for the two best research posters: “L’importance des discussions entourant les directives préalables en clinique de médecine familiale,” by Drs. Camille Brisson-Tessier, Véronique Duchesne and Sarah Leduc-Gaudet; and, “Dépistage de l’hépatite C à la clinique ESFAM,” by Dr. Jonathan Morasse.

The Best QI Project from RIO Day

For the second year, the best resident QI project was selected at Research, Inquiry and Opnion (RIO) Day. In 2017, the winning project was, Screening for Falls in the Elderly: An assessment of yearly fall screening in patients over 65 at the Riverside Family Health Team, by Drs. Jillian Smith, Megan Neufeld and Helen Gao. 

“When you see a change in physician behaviour and a real change in your practice because of a resident’s QI and Research Project, it is very gratifying.”

Dr. Peter Kuling,
FMRSP Supervisor

QI in Practice: Improving Cancer Screening at West End Family Care Clinic

Timely screening is an essential component in the prevention and treatment of cancer, but scheduling patient screening can be difficult and often leads to annual scrambles. At the 2017 Community Retreat, Dr. Andrew Kujavsky described his project to redesign his cancer screening processes in his practice. He demonstrated the positive impacts of incorporating QI tools into his everyday clinical work, and patients at West End Family Care now have the benefit of a systematic, year-round process to ensure that patient cancer screening is timely and regular. 

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