Welcome to the University of Ottawa Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Clare Liddy

As leaders in Family Medicine education and research, the Department of Family Medicine offers excellent teaching and learning opportunities in both official languages at a range of sites in urban and rural settings across the National Capital Region. It is a great privilege to be a family physician in Canada, and an honour to lead our talented family of faculty members, residents, medical students and staff in the largest clinical department at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine.

Our collective goal is to support our learners to become skilled and confident family physicians prepared to provide and advance patient care. Our residency program, fully accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada, is learner-centered and built around societal and patient needs. We actively promote Family Medicine education to undergraduate learners to advocate for the value of primary care, and encourage medical students to pursue rewarding careers as family physicians.

We are committed to the expansion of quality Family Medicine research across our Department, with support from our dedicated clinician-scientists and investigators at the CT Lamont Primary Health Care Research Centre. Encouraging innovation and promoting research intensity amongst our members translates to real results in improved medical education and better patient care. Our Department’s contributions and accomplishments in Family Medicine research are a source of pride, and we will continue to prioritize scholarship and research that advances the quality and delivery of primary care for all.

A focus of our educational programs and research efforts is to address health inequities in marginalized populations in indigenous, francophone, rural/remote, inner-city and under-served international communities. We promote an approach to medical education and primary care that improves our understanding of the social determinants of health and serves our most vulnerable populations. Our Department is eager to embrace the challenge of leveraging the many positive impacts of strong Family Medicine to promote equitable and universal social welfare.

An important personal objective in my role as a leader is to foster an environment of engagement and wellness that makes each member of this Department feel valued. Our work is challenging but meaningful, and it is important to recognize our contributions as family physicians, learners and administrators, and embrace the joy in our work. Each member of this talented team plays an important role in advancing the profile and impact of our discipline and securing a bright future for Family Medicine.

I invite you to explore our website and learn more about us. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and ideas.


Dr. Clare Liddy
Chair, Department of Family Medicine

Our Past Chairs

  • Dr. John Day, 1968-1970
  • Dr. John Last, 1970-1975
  • Dr. Campbell T. Lamont, 1975-1981
  • Dr. Walter Rosser, 1981-1986
  • Dr. John Forster, 1986-1995
  • Dr. Nick Busing, 1996-2005
  • Dr. Jacques Lemelin, 2005-2012
  • Dr. Michael Hirsh (Interim), 2012-2014
  • Dr. Dianne Delva, 2014-2019
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