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  Civic Riverside Bruyère Primrose Community Pembroke Winchester Montfort
Location Central-West  Central-East  Central  Central  Varied, from Central-Rural 150km northwest of Ottawa 30km south of Ottawa Central-East
Block Horizontal Mixed
Family Medicine
Hospital-based, academic unit Community Offices
Elective Time
(PGY1, PGY2)
1 block, 2 blocks 2 blocks,
1 block
0 block,
3 blocks
PGY1 Core Rotations 5 Family Medicine Obstetrics; 1 each Hospitalist, Emergency, Geriatric, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Wards, Pediatrics Emergency, Rural, Elective 6 each Family, Emergency, Geriatrics; 1 each Hospitalist, Obstetrics, Pediatrics Wards, Internal Medicine; 2 Family/ Psychiatry Family (clinic and hospital-based) blocks 1-11, 2-3 shifts of emergency and obstetrics in blocks 2-11, 1 shift/block in Pediatrics in blocks 2-11, Psychiatric emergency services over 2 weeks in blocks 3-5 4 Family; 1 each Obstetrics, Rural, Psychiatry, Emergency, Rheumatology/ Orthopedics, Pediatrics Wards, Pediatrics Emergency, 2 Internal Medicine
PGY2 Core Rotations 4 Family Medicine Obstetrics; 1 each Palliative, Hospitalist, Emergency, Rural, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Pediatrics Community; 2 Electives

6 Family/ Emergency, 1 each Hospitalist, Surgery, Obstetrics, Rural, Selective ICU/ Specialties/ Emergency/ Anesthesia

Family (clinic and hospital-based) blocks 1-11 and 13, 2-3 shifts of emergency in blocks 2-11 and 13, 2-3 shifts/block in Internal Medicine/ Cardiology in blocks 1-11, 16 shifts of Pediatric emergency in blocks 3-11 and 13

6 each Family, Geriatrics, Emergency; 1 each Perinatal, Rural, Pediatrics Community, Palliative; 3 electives

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