DFM Locum Support Fund for Specific Research Activities


At the November 5, 2021, DFM Assembly “Committing to the Strategic Plan” discussions, faculty commented that to improve research accessibility, there was a desire to have some protected time to conduct activities. For most faculty, research occurs outside of clinic hours as many current funding programs do not allow payment to go to investigators’ salary. However, Senior Leadership recognizes that in some cases, having dedicated protected time may enable projects to be completed. 


In keeping with the DFM strategic plan, it is recommended that $100,000 from the reserve fund in 2022-23 be made available for release time at a maximum of 10 days per individual at $1,000 per day (maximum $10,000 per individual) to support specific research tasks such as finishing a manuscript for publication, data collection, or data analysis. The value of $1,000 per day is the equivalent of hiring a locum or replacement for a clinical day. The hiring of a locum will be the responsibility of the investigator. 

Terms of Reference

  • Requests for the Locum Support Fund will be made to the Senior Leadership Team on an ongoing basis.
  • Requests must include a strong rationale for the funding request.
  • Applicants must be at the level of Assistant Professor or higher.
  • Eligible applicants include faculty with existing funding support such as PRIME and do not have protected time for research activities.
  • Eligible activities can include grant funding applications; data collection and analysis; manuscript writing and, preparing promotion packages.
  • Unit Directors may submit requests for early project development by clinic faculty. Priority will be given to collaborative activities involving multiple clinic faculty.
  • Applications will be reviewed by Senior Leadership and approved applicants will send invoices to the Chair. 

The fund will offer support to DFM Faculty members in two ways:

Locum Support Fund - Individual Level

Locum Support Fund - Unit Level

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