Promotion within the University ranks is the single most important way in which the University can recognize the excellence of its faculty for their contributions to all facets of University life - teaching, research and scholarly work and other professional activities both within and outside the University. Criteria for promotion and procedures followed in the granting of promotion from one academic rank to the next, are covered by the collective agreement for regular full time faculty members and by the Standards & Procedures for Promotion of Clinical Faculty for faculty members who are not members of APUO.

Tenure, granted to regular full time faculty members, recognize the contribution of faculty members to these academic activities and their value to the University and gives a certain ‘job security’ that allows for the expression of academic freedom.

Tenure is generally only available to regular full time faculty members, covered by the collective agreement between the University and APUO. The criteria for tenure and the process of applying for and granting of tenure are governed by the collective agreement.

View the Guidelines for Academic Promotion of Clinical Faculty.

The deadline to apply is December 31.

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