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Dr. Kampta Prashad, Class of 2016 Family Medicine resident, meets with a patient in Guyana.

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Take your skills as an expert in medical education and primary care and help guide the Guyanese residents. There is no better time to get involved! Interested? Please contact Asiya Roslton at

How can I get involved?

Share recent presentations

This is a quick and easy way to help the program by allowing visiting and remote-teaching faculty to save time by building on up-to-date material.

Remote teaching

Many academic teaching sessions are done via Skype from right here in Ottawa! All that’s needed is a decent internet connection and a passion for teaching. We would love to add you to our roster of remote-teaching faculty - even one session per year is a great help. Interested? Please contact Asiya Rolston at

Host visiting residents

Each year during academic blocks 3, 4, and 13, two Guyanese residents visit Ottawa as observers. There are opportunities to host them in your spare bedroom, help them with transportation, have them shadow you for a day or two, or just helping them feel welcome with a meal or kind message.

Visit Guyana

The residents love to have clinical supervisors and faculty visit Guyana in person. Opportunities can be as short as one week, but for the full experience (and to get to work with all of the residents) we recommend at least two weeks. Physicians who volunteer to stay longer than three months will be paid a local Guyanese salary. Please contact Asiya Roslton at to find more details and to confirm your availability. You will be involved in supervising and teaching the residents, and will have an opportunity to visit some of what this beautiful country has to offer! 

Residents can complete a one month Family Medicine elective in Guyana. Here you will have the opportunity to work in community health centres within the capital city, Georgetown, and various hospital rotations.

Make a donation

Support uOttawa learners to participate in a global health initiative supported by the Department of Family Medicine, including the Family Medicine Training Program in Guyana, as part of his/her program. Learn more about the Travel Bursary.

Ready to go?

Be sure to check our information on travelling to Guyana before departure.


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