Bringing our SOOs online

Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2017

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By: Emily Villenueve

As part of our residency program, residents participate in Simulated Office Orals (SOOs) to help them prepare for their CFPC examination. These SOO sessions occur twice an academic year and all residents are invited to participate, resulting in over 120 residents completing two cases each per session. After years of paper rubrics and lengthy manual data entry, it was time to get online!

After many months of planning, designing, coding, and testing, the DFM launched an online SOO evaluation tool during the Fall 2017 SOO session. Similarly to the online CaRMS dossier review and interview scoring rubrics, this new tool collects information directly from the examiners in real-time to ensure timely reporting of results. Eventually, this tool will display results directly in the resident’s portal for them to review as quickly as the next day!

The journey is not over yet as the team continues to improve both the system and the user experience. We wish to thank our developers at MedTech for their tireless effort to meet our department’s IT needs. We’d also like to thank all Fall 2017 SOO examiners for embracing this new system and providing their feedback.    

The DFM also wishes to thank Emily Villeneuve and our Postgraduate Team for their great work on this project.

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