Canbewell: Canada's only bilingual preventive care app

Posted on Friday, February 12, 2021

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Are you tired of “fixing” conditions that could have been prevented? Save time by recommending the Canbewell app, a reliable resource complete with videos and interactive information to your patients. Patients can access information on this app that will make your visit with them (virtual or in-person) shorter and smoother. This may include:

  • Instructions for locating the closest food bank during the pandemic.
  • An interactive tool for patients to determine cardiovascular age or risk.

Canbewell is the only Canadian preventive care app for adults providing bilingual evidence-based information to patients and providers. The app was developed by Dr. Cleo Mavriplis and collaborators thanks to a DFM PRIME grant. Recently, the app was presented at AFHTO and was chosen as a subject for the podcast, Healthcare Changemakers (listen to the episode).

How to get involved

Have a look at the app and watch our 90 second video. Keeping the app's content up to date is a big task! Dr. Mavriplis is seeking your help or opinion for the following:

  • Collaborators to keep an eye out for updates in their preferred topic of preventive care.
  • Suggestions for funding opportunities to keep the app operational and up-to-date.
  • Your opinion on whether COVID-19 should be included as a topic (difficult to keep up to date!).

Share your thoughts with the team at

What's next for Canbewell?

  • Scaling the app for use across Canada.
  • Adding more content for marginalized populations.
  • Thanks to an FMRSP project by Dr. Marie-Ève Eyahpaise (PGY2, Montfort), preventative care information for transgender patients will soon be included.

Watch our video

Instructions to save the Canbewell app to your phone or tablet

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