CFPC Exam Tips from a recent DFM Graduate

Posted on Friday, April 13, 2018

Dr. Rita Hafizi

Did you do anything specific to prepare for the exams? What were some things that helped you manage any stress or anxiety?

Certainly, preparing for a high stakes exam (…while trying to juggle the other challenges of residency!) can be a stressful time. I think the Faculty did a good job of making us think about the exam early and advising us to start our exam prep several months in advance to mitigate some of that stress that creeps up as exam time approaches. I found it helpful to be part of a study group with a few of my co-residents, in addition to studying on my own, to cover the 99 topics. At my unit, we also did practice SAMPs during our lunch hour teaching sessions and my preceptors were always willing and available to do practice SOOs, which was especially helpful.

"Lastly, remember: You have already passed several other big exams to get to this point in your residency – you will get through this one too!"

Did the program adequately prepare you for the exams? Did you feel confident walking after completing them?

I really appreciated the departmental SOOs that the DFM organized for all residents – it was great having that exposure early on as a PGY1 and even more so as a PGY2.

Tell us a little bit about life since graduation – what are you doing now? Are you enjoying your career in family medicine?

Life after residency has been wonderful! I have done several locums so far at various locations including in Ottawa and in Winchester, and have done a mix of both clinic and hospitalist work. Currently, I am a locum physician at the Primrose Family Medicine Centre and am enjoying my time working with their wonderful team of people.

When choosing my specialty, it was important for me to pick something that I would look forward to going to work to in the morning. Fortunately, I have found that in Family Medicine in Ottawa.

What is one of your fondest memories of doing your residency at uOttawa?

I was fortunate to be paired with an excellent preceptor and role model – Dr. Parisa Rezaiefar – who helped me work toward meeting my learning objectives and career aspirations over the course of my residency. Her mentorship has been invaluable.

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