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Posted on Friday, January 15, 2021

The DFM is pleased to welcome Dr. Yoram Singer, a family and palliative care physician who has joined the department for the next six months from Ben Gurion University at Beer Sheva in Israel. With nearly 40 years of experience in clinical work, teaching and research, Dr. Singer is interested in connecting with any DFM members who wish to share their knowledge and experience.

Dr. Yoram Singer

I am delighted to have this wonderful opportunity to come to Ottawa and to spend six months at the department. At the beginning of January I chose to get pensioned from almost 40 years of extremely intense clinical, public and academic work, working 12-14 hours a day. I decided to come to Ottawa in order to be able to use the privilege I was given by the Ben Gurion University at Beer Sheva, Israel to do a 6 months sabbatical. 25 years ago I did a fellowship program at McGill in Montreal and fell in love with Canada. During the 90's, I had the immense luck and privilege of working with Dr. David Tobin from Ottawa, a gifted family physician. We became close friends. Unfortunately (for me and many others) he finally decided to come back to Canada and very kindly facilitated for me to be able to come here. 

I would be very interested to be able to share my knowledge and clinical skills both in family medicine and in palliative care, my experience in teaching and my small experience with research in palliative care and primary care with whoever may find this useful. I hope to be able to explore and to begin a collaboration between The Department of Family Medicine here at the University of Ottawa and The Department of Family Medicine at Ben Gurion University.

Personally, I see this as an opportunity to "wind down", to find meaning in doing things other than patient care. To be able to share what I have learned over so many years in medical practice. It will be a time of reflection and planning of how the last period of my life will look like.

Dr. Yoram Singer

You can connect with Dr. Singer at (please note that he also speaks French). Tune in to his presentation at Family Medicine Grand Rounds next Thursday!

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