"The culture of curiosity in medicine": Ottawa Practice Enhancement Network

Posted on Monday, October 19, 2020

Ottawa Practice Enahncement Network

From: The Ontario Medical Association

Dr. Karen Ferguson of the West Carleton Family Health Team recently shared how her practice is engaged with OPEN to enhance their delivery of personalized care to patients.

"Out of necessity, we’ve all recently jumped with both feet into virtual care. We are all too aware of the negative consequences of the pandemic, but some tangible good may actually come of it. About 10 years ago, our practice implemented a patient portal that allows patients to book appointments, communicate with us safely, track their test results, and view when they are due for upcoming screening tests.

In collaboration with our regional practice-based learning network – the Ottawa Practice Enhancement Network – we are studying how our practice portal may influence health care delivery and efficiency. Now we ask, does this aspect of virtual care allow us to be more efficient and more available to our patients or it will instead result in more administrative work, a “death by a thousand clicks?” We intend to find out!"

Are you interested in finding out how OPEN can help you use data to identify and address care gaps in your practice? They would love to hear from you at open@uottawa.ca.

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