Departmental Updates - July 2020

Posted on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

COVID-19 Update

We encourage you to stay current in the affairs that concern you as they are changing every day. At any time, you can visit the uOttawa coronavirus website and the Faculty’s special website dedicated to COVID-19, and follow them on Twitter @uOttawaMed and @uOttawa for further updates.

Undergraduate Program

We hope you are enjoying the sunshine we have had in the last few weeks! Our third year medical students have restarted their rotations on July 6th. Many thanks to all the supervisors who have agreed to take on students during this summer and the upcoming academic year.


We will be offering a bootcamp for incoming medical students in order to introduce them to family medicine at the end of August.If you are a physician or resident and would like to get involved, we would be happy to have you join us! We have many lectures and workshops to offer.All the sessions will be offered virtually.

Seeking preceptors

We are looking for preceptors for our third-year medical students starting their core rotations in family medicine.àThese students would work with you for three of four weeks and would come in with their own PPE for the rotation.àWe are mainly looking for preceptors for our Francophone students.àIf you are able to help out, please don't hesitate to e-mail Dr. Lina Shoppoff at

Postgraduate Program

RIO Day 2020

RIO Day 2020 was a great success, with our PGY2 and PGY3 FMRSP presentations taking place! Thank you to all those involved in making this virtual event a success. We encourage everyone to view the resident abstracts on DFM’s website and view the presentations on our YouTube channel.

The DFM Outstanding Research Article
Top 3 RIO Day Scholarly Project Presentations
  1. Dr. André Richard – “Review of referrals sent to the Montfort Hospital emergency department for management of hypertension during 2016-2017”
  2. Dr. Joshua Rempel – “To Rest or Not? A literature review of the evidence behind cognitive and physical rest following pediatric concussions”
  3. Dr. Kate Trebuss & Dr. Laura Woo – “Enhancing the use of treatment agreements for opioid prescribing in primary care: a quality improvement project within a Family Health Team”
Top 10 Scholarly Projects
  1. Dr. André Richard – “Review of referrals sent to the Montfort Hospital emergency department for management of hypertension during 2016-2017” 
  2. Dr. Marco Da Silva and Dr. Mike Wei – “Have opioid prescriptions by emergency physicians significant changed over five years?”
  3. Dr. Reed Morrison – “A health impact analysis of the Canada-United States-Mexico (CUSMA) agreement”
  4. Dr. Sean Haber – “How much to family medicine residents sleep?”
  5. Dr. Alexander Dodd – “A prospective review of the technical and clinical efficacy of the Beaupré method of ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy for the management of greater saphenous vein insufficiency” 
  6. Dr. Stephen Humphreys-Mahaffey – “Understanding Voluntary Consent”
  7. Dr. Trevor O’Neill – “Do nurse-led office-hours triage and resident-led after horus call prevent Primrose FHT patients from using the emergency department for non-urgent issues?” 
  8. Dr. Brent Patterson – “Effectiveness of cannabis and CBD products as treatments for anxiety: a literature review”
  9. Dr. Valerie Henderson – “The efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of anxiety: a structured review”
  10. Dr. Sitelle Cheskey – “Examining Maternal Healthcare Access Among Refugee Women”
Resident Awards

Award for Excellence in Family Medicine Scholarly Projects: Dr. André Richard, “Review of referrals sent to the Montfort Hospital emergency department for management of hypertension during 2016-2017” 

CFPC Family Medicine Resident Award for Scholarly Achievement nominee: Dr. André Richard, “Review of referrals sent to the Montfort Hospital emergency department for management of hypertension during 2016-2017” 

2019-20 Resident Quality Improvement (QI) Project

On behalf of Dr. Kheira Jolin-Dahel, Director of Quality Improvement, a heart-felt thank you goes out to our Quality Improvement Leads who are instrumental in supporting the QI program, and to primary preceptors and allied health workers who are involved in supporting residents with their projects!

Top QI Projects for each Unit

Congratulations to the following PGY1 residents who were nominated for the top Quality Improvement (QI) Project within their academic teaching sites: 

  • Bruyère: Dr. Roderick MacPhee and Dr. Avneet Morsara
  • Primrose: Dr. Anurita Ghosh, Dr. Evan Batten and Dr. Eric Liang
  • Community teaching site: Dr. Shady Piedra Abusharar
  • Montfort : Dr. Alexandre Pelletier and Dr. Matthieu Amalric
  • Pembroke: Dr. Erin Murray
  • Winchester : Dr. Shelby Allison
  • Riverside: Dr. Yolanda Ma, Dr. Dayna Austin, Dr. Ellen Wong and Dr. Paul Abraham
  • Civic: Dr. Zina Younes
Dr. Campbell T. and Pat Lamont Award for Excellence in Quality Improvement and Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Dr. Shady Piedra Abusharar (Community): "Improving Pneumovax 23 vaccination rates among adults aged 19-64 with DM"

CaRMS 2021

The CaRMS working group has began brainstorming our approach to our first virtual CaRMS event. If you’d like to participate please contact Kim Rozon at We will need support from faculty, residents and staff to ensure another successful match!

Faculty Development

Mark your calendars! DFM faculty members are invited to attend the Faculty Development Half-Days scheduled for:

Thursday, September 24, 2020 from 12pm to 5pm: in person OUTDOOR new faculty orientation and Essential Teaching Skills 1

  • “Orientation meets Orienteering” as physically distanced faculty will seek to find the social distancing champion Dr. Sasquatch in an outdoor escape room activity, and help her find her career path (and plan their own career path along the way)
  • Assessment and feedback skills, and competency-based medical education tools)
  • Maximum 20 participants

Friday, September 25, 2020 from 12pm to 4:30pm: Virtual Fall Faculty Development Half-Day

  • Setting the stage for being a mentor with CPD Vice-Dean, Dr. Paul Hendry
  • Mentorship tools: Case-based approach to resident challenges 
  • How to Teach: Gay Men’s Health with Dr. Bing Wu and Dr. Stefan de Laplante
  • How to Teach: Acne care, going beyond the basics with Dr. Rosalind Ashton and Dr. Christine Rivet

The team is busily planning these two exciting sessions as we build on the energy from our successful Annual Faculty Retreat! Stay tuned for more information from in the coming weeks.

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