Departmental Updates - June 2020

Posted on Thursday, June 18, 2020

COVID-19 Update

We encourage you to stay current in the affairs that concern you as they are changing every day. At any time, you can visit the uOttawa coronavirus website and the Faculty’s special website dedicated to COVID-19, and follow them on Twitter @uOttawaMed and @uOttawa for further updates.

Undergraduate Program

Convocation 2020

On June 16, 2020, the class of 2020 attended the Faculty of Medicine Convocation ceremony online through the uOttawa Youtube Channel. Congratulations to everyone! You've finally obtained your MD after years of hard work! The resilience and adaptability you have shown in the last few months will serve you well in the future.

Students are invited to download their choice of background and install it on their favourite videoconferencing app or TikTok. Show your colours on Facebook and add the University of Ottawa Class of 2020 frame to your profile picture. Celebrate your accomplishments with GIFs on Instagram or TikTok. Search for “uOttawa” in the GIF search box or check out our GIPHY page.

Seeking preceptors

We are looking for preceptors for our third-year medical students starting their core rotations in family medicine. These students would work with you for three of four weeks and would come in with their own PPE for the rotation. We are mainly looking for preceptors for our Francophone students. If you are able to help out, please don't hesitate to e-mail Dr. Lina Shoppoff at

Postgraduate Program

RIO Day 2020

Congrats to our residents for all their hard work towards their FMRSP projects. We encourage everyone to view the resident abstracts on DFM’s website and view the presentations on our YouTube channel.

“Covid Competencies”

Residents and their Primary Preceptors should be using e-Field Notes to track your experiences. Be aware of “Covid Competencies” to ensure you are capturing as many relevant experiences as possible. For any e-Field note technical issues please contact:


The DFM would like to congratulate you all on your hard work and resiliency! #DFMStrong A reminder that graduation celebrations for our outgoing cohorts will be virtual. Please see your unit coordinators for details. PGME offices will be providing “soft copies” of certifications due to the remote work restrictions.

CFPC Funding

A reminder that CFPC is looking at the possibility of providing funding for 2021 graduates, if additional training is needed. This would apply for scenarios where residents have met their competencies, but may feel as if more confidence could be attained in certain areas.

Resident Orientation

On July 1 2020, we will welcome 73 incoming PGY1s virtually. The DFM Resident Orientation will take place on June 29, and the PGME Resident Orientation (all departments) on June 30.

CaRMS 2021

The CaRMS working group has begun brainstorming our approach to our first virtual CaRMS event. If you’d like to participate, please contact Kim Rozon at We will need support from faculty, residents and staff to ensure another successful match!

2020 PGME Administrator Award

We are thrilled to announce that Madona Buffett has been selected as one of eight recipients for the 2020 Postgraduate Medical Education Administrator Award. The Communicator Competency Award is awarded to an administrator who communicates clearly and effectively even in the face of adversity. Congratulations Madona!

Faculty Development

Summer FacDev workshop – June 26

Join us on June 26 at 12pm for an afternoon workshop that offers hands-on, practical tips for faculty on teaching online and virtual transformations of our Medical Communities of PracticeWe look forward to welcoming you!

DFM Innovations in MedEd – Do you want to play a game?

Faculty, residents, students, support staff and Faculty of Medicine peers are invited to join the DFM Innovations in MedEd working group to find out how we can leverage technology to improve teaching in a fun and serious way – think Star Trek and Star Wars. The working groups will each perform needs and gaps analysis to determine where best to deploy new technologies and improve the learning experience. In order for these working groups to be successful and deliver outcomes, we need YOU! Contact to sign up!

Faculty Affairs – Dr. Leah Smith

A warm welcome to Dr. Leah Smith, our newest faculty member to join the DFM family! Dr. Smith is a proud graduate of the uOttawa Family Medicine Residency Program, having completed her residency at the Civic Family Health Team. In addition to providing compassionate and holistic care to her patients, Dr. Smith’s interests include teaching residents and medical students and quality improvement. She looks forward to the opportunity to contribute to the paths of many trainees in her new position.

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