DFM Innovations in MedEd

Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

An update from the DFM Director, Strategic Planning and Financial Services, Jeff Puncher:

"Welcome to June and Phase 2 everyone! I hesitate to say summer is upon us as we continue to ride the world’s longest roller coaster with the deep plunges and the slow climbs in the temperature outdoors. The DFM has started an exciting journey of innovation in the past month. We have pulled together brilliant and resourceful students from the medical school and engineering department to look at creating educational computer games to teach the enthralling topics of quality improvement and data mining, and avoiding the pitfalls by “Choosing Wisely”. We are exploring the use of computer simulation and virtual reality in future teachings by starting to plan for a media room and virtual reality lab in the basement of 600 Peter Morand. 

In the coming months we will be exploring opportunities to use natural language processing and artificial intelligence to drive outcomes and faster responses to clinical dilemmas using existing datasets.

Internally we continue down the path of future proofing our tools that the staff use to run our program. We have had several demos with a promising software company to possibly replace some portions of femoral. In July we start the implementation of our new cloud-based accounting system, Microsoft Business Central. So we are well on our way.

So we are in exciting times with the lots of exciting projects underway. If you would like to get involved, please reach out to me or Louise Weir as we are always welcoming new team members with new perspectives and great ideas.

Have a great June and remember to take some time off for yourself and take a break!"

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