An Exciting New Chapter for the Montfort Hospital

Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

By: Dr Lyne Pitre

Who would have thought that a hospital scheduled to close in 1997 is now a Group A university teaching hospital and has been since June 19, 2013?

In the view of Dr. Bernard Leduc, President and CEO of Hôpital Montfort, this official designation marks a new chapter in the history of the institution. "Hôpital Montfort is the only facility in Ontario that can guarantee complete clinical training in French to medical students and residents and to other students in the health professions," he said. In addition to becoming a centre of clinical excellence and a hub for the French-language education of physicians and health professionals, Montfort "was given a provincial mandate to plan and support French-language health services, including clinical support for patients and health care professionals throughout Ontario."

In order to fulfill the educational mission of the Faculty of Medicine, Montfort's doctors teach at all levels of the Doctor of Medicine program and in all disciplines. Residencies include residencies in family medicine, psychiatry, obstetrics, internal medicine, and 3rd year emergency (CCMF-MU). Montfort has developed, in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa, specialization programs in surgery and anaesthesia. We are proud to have made more than 24,000 JEM (MTD) in 2015-2016.

Following the official designation, Montfort's physicians formed the Association médicale universitaire de l’Hôpital Montfort (AMUHM), which enabled them to lobby for an alternate funding plan, or AFP. After several years of negotiations, the AMUHM finally received a positive response in April 2016, and on March 31, 2017 the AFP was signed. This opens a new chapter in the university life of Montfort. Physicians will be able to continue providing quality teaching and be compensated adequately. A research component will be mandatory in each department and the physicians will have both financial support from AFP and support from the Research Institute of the Institut de Savoir Montfort.

Dr. Bilodeau says: "We are creating a university hospital culture that reflects who we are and meets the needs of our clients. The centres of excellence in clinical care, education and research that we are in the process of developing will be at the heart of our university hospital. "

We would like to thank all of you who believed in Montfort: the community, patients, employees, learners, health professionals and doctors. Thanks to everyone, the francophone community hospital that was slated to close is now the sole francophone university hospital in Ontario.

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