Exciting new research projects in the communities of East Ottawa and Eastern Ontario

Posted on Friday, October 9, 2020

People texting

Dr. Bill Hogg, Dr. Sharon Johnston, and Dr. Doug Archibald are conducting four exciting new research projects in the communities of East Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. They have developed an automated patient outreach and data collection system called the Canadian Primary care Information Network (CPIN), which allows family physicians to send text or e-mail health messages and practice updates to groups of their patients.

They are currently looking to recruit 15 practices to test the value of this system to their practice and collect data on patients’ symptoms and experiences with care during COVID-19, and in the health system in our region. The first project will evaluate the Orleans Health Hub, an $80,000,000 investment in a new building with a new model of collaborative and co-located healthcare and community services in central Orleans, expected to open in June 2021. Two projects will create and curate a library of relevant information on COVID-19 that primary care providers can share with their patients and develop a provider controlled approach to integrating patient experience data into regional health system evaluation efforts. This will help patients and primary care have a voice in regional health planning. The final project will use CPIN to provide family medicine residents and their supervisors feedback on patients’ perspectives of communication skills. All participating practices will be offered CPIN for free for the duration of the projects.

If you are interested in participating in any of these projects or would like more information, please contact the research coordinator, Stéphanie Chenail, at stephaniechenail@montfort.on.ca or by phone at 613-746-4621 ext 6420. ​

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