Faculty and students recognized at 2019 Awards in Education Ceremony

Posted on Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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Photo of Dean Bernard Jasmin in front of a full room of people.

The 2019 Faculty of Medicine Awards in Education ceremony at Roger Guindon Hall on December 4 recognized the outstanding academic achievements of our students and faculty members.

Master of Ceremonies for the afternoon was Dr. Michelle Anawati, an assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine and a family doctor with the Eastern Ottawa Community Family Health Team. An alumna of our Faculty, Dr. Anawati is the director of family medicine clerkship for the Francophone stream at the Faculty, a member of Francophone Affairs and a researcher with the Institut du Savoir Montfort.

More than 120 individuals were honoured as part of the event. Award recipients included individuals from basic science undergraduate studies (Translational and Molecular Medicine), postdoctoral studies, graduate studies, postgraduate medical education and undergraduate medical education. Also recognized were professorial/faculty award winners.

Presenters included vice-deans, department chairs and program directors from across the Faculty, with dozens of awards handed out.

Guests were welcomed to mingle with award recipients over refreshments at a reception following the ceremony in the atrium.

Join us in congratulating the outstanding number of DFM recipients!

  • Dr. Carol Geller - PGME Professional Competency
  • Dr. Stefan de Laplante - PGME Collaborator Competency
  • Dr. Emma Herrington - PGME Health Advocate Competency
  • Dr. Grace Warmels - PGME Collaborator Competency
  • Dr. Martha Holt - Teaching Skills Attainment Award Level I
  • Dr. Parisa Rezaiefar - Teaching Skills Attainment Award Level I
  • Dr. Sarah Rice - Teaching Skills Attainment Award Level I
  • Dr. Millaray Sanchez Campos - Teaching Skills Attainment Award Level II
  • Dr. Richard Waldolf - Teaching Skills Attainment Award Level III (With Distinction)
  • Michael Gulak - UGME Family Medicine Clinician Competency Anglophone Stream
  • Charlotte Roy - UGME Family Medicine Clinician Competency Francophone Stream
  • Dr. Antoine Gagon - Graduate Studies Educator Competency Francophone Stream
  • Dr. Tania Fitzpatrick - Graduate Studies Professional Competency Anglophone Stream
  • Dr. Isabelle Burnier - Graduate Studies Health Advocate Competency Francophone Stream
  • Dr. Jean Roy - Graduate Studies Communicator Competency Francophone Stream
  • Dr. Roland Halil - Graduate Studies Communicator Competency Anglophone Stream
  • Dr. Marie-Josée Klett - Graduate Studies Manager Competency Francophone Stream
  • Dr. Amy Nakajima - Graduate Studies Person Competency Anglophone Stream
  • Dr. Kay-Anne Haykal - Graduate Studies Person Competency Francophone Stream
  • Dr. Marie-Ève Bérubé - Graduate Studies Best ePortfolio Coach of The Year Award Francophone Stream

Congratulations to all winners! Visit the Faculty of Medicine’s Flickr account to view photos of the event.

Photo of Dr. Clare Liddy, Dr. Paul Hendry, Dr Millaray Sanchez Campos, Dr. Heather Lochnan and Dr. Bernard Jasmin.

L-r: Dr. Clare Liddy, Dr. Paul Hendry, Dr. Millaray Sanchez Campos, Dr. Heather Lochnan and Dr. Bernard Jasmin.

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