Faculty Development Update: Call for Workshops!

Posted on Friday, May 11, 2018

This year our theme is, “The impact we have, the impact we experience”. Whether we are clinicians, leaders, administrators, researchers, scholars, teachers and/or educators, we are impacted by those around us, and we impact them in return.

Based on the structure of DFM’s new definition of “Academic Family Physician” we are looking to understand your role as a faculty member. In addition, we are looking to help you have an impact on your colleagues at the retreat. 

We would appreciate it if you could include 100-150 words about what kind of ground you would like to cover in a talk and the name of someone you would like to have as a co-presenter. Plan for a 1-1.5 hour interactive practical workshop based on the theme of impact.

Is there someone else you would like to suggest? Whose voice or ideas you would like to hear? We wish to encourage diverse voices we have not heard from in the past, from all settings, and at all career stages. We are keen to develop our faculty and assist them in any way we can.

Please send your ideas, thoughts, to either Asiya Rolston at facdevdfm@uottawa.ca or to myself at eric.wooltorton@uottawa.ca by June 1, 2018.

Look for a link to register for the Annual Retreat this summer in your inbox!

Ideas for Sessions

Medical Education, Teaching and Learning

  • What is the impact of teaching and learning styles?
  • How do we have maximum impact in a short amount of time?
  • How do we measure (and share) the impact of our work as teachers?
  • How do we achieve “deep learning” for our experiences?
  • How do our environments impact our wellness?
  • How do we build resilience and recognize burnout in our learners, colleagues and ourselves?
  • What is the impact of transitions on our learners?
  • How do we brace for “impact”?

Research and Scholarship

  • What is your impact on knowledge translation and/or scholarship?
  • How do you achieve maximum impact of your work?
  • What are some novel avenues for creating impact?

Leadership, Administration, Community and Society

  • How do we train leaders who can create a positive impact?
  • How does context change the impact of our change plans?
  • What are some strategies for working with our diverse settings to help change take hold?
  • Is there gender bias in academic medicine? Does it matter?
  • Does diversity in our teaching and clinical ranks matter? How does diversity “happen”? 
  • How are we impacted by issues in our society and beyond our borders?
  • How do we have a positive global impact?
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