Faculty Development Updates: Teaching Skills Attainment Award (TSAA) program

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

As a DFM clinician teacher, why not have your training in medical education recognized through the Teaching Skills Attainment Award (TSAA) program? By participating in only 30 hours of faculty development (FD) focused on improving how you teach you could qualify for at least the first level of the uOttawa TSAA program.

Our Department has a roster of skilled clinician teachers who have already received one or more TSAAs. These include Safaa El Bialy, Isabel Burnier, Alison Eyre, Carol Geller, Margaret Gluszynski, Mary Johnston, Lara Kent, Frances Kilbertus, Katherine Lariviere, Kay Lee, Stephanie Malherbe, Susanne McKim, Alan Ng, Eoghan O’Shea, David Ponka, Millaray Sanchez-Campos, Gary Viner, and Deidre Young. 

In fact since 2007 family medicine faculty were granted 21 % (24 of the 113) of TSAAs presented in the whole Faculty of Medicine (Figure 1). This includes a significant proportion of the higher level awards.

Many courses and workshops offered at DFM qualify for TSAA credits. For example the Faculty Development Half Days, Essential Teaching Skills Courses, and some workshops in Curriculum Review Advisory Groups and from the annual DFM retreat, Family Medicine Forum, and Meredith Marks Day (coming up Friday April 6 2018 at the Ottawa Event and Conference Centre) could all qualify. The final decision rests with the TSAA committee. 

Please note that not all continuing professional or personal development or leadership courses qualify – the awards recognize training in how to be a better medical teacher, not a better clinician or leader. Note that formal training as part of another certificate (eg MEd) is not eligible.

The TSAAs have progressive requirements:

  • Level 1: requires 30 credits 
  • Level : “TSAA Merit Award” requires 80 credits and Plus applicants to present FD sessions.
  • Level 3: “TSAA with Distinction” requires 130 credits and educators to disseminate their work.

You receive 1 credit per hour of presentation you attend, 2 credits per hour of presentation you give. Note that for a repeat presentations (i.e. giving the same workshop twice or more) applicants are granted credit a maximum of twice (the TSAA committee assumes you modify your presentation based on feedback the second time the program is offered).

Your TSAA submission will have three parts:

  1. The application form (Review all the submission information on the uOttawa website).
  2. A table of the workshops attended or presented (see a sample table here. Note you can add to, adapt and modify and use this table as a starting template), 
  1. Appendices with supporting documents (proof of attendance such as Mainpro credit sheets, or copies of attendance sheets. If you gave a presentation consider documents related to the course content or slides)

Final decisions about what is eligible or not rest with the TSAA committee and you may be asked to clarify parts of your package. Awardees will be announced in the fall of 2018.

For support for your application (including proof of attendance support) contact the DFM Faculty Development team (including Asiya Rolston (facdev@uottawa.ca)  or me (eric.wooltorton@uottawa.ca).

The TSAA application deadline is April 6th, 2018.

Figure 1:  Yearly breakdown of TSAA awarded in the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine (2007-2017) highlighting awards given to FM faculty

Yearly breakdown of TSAA awarded in the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine (2007-2017) highlighting awards given to FM faculty

Yearly breakdown of TSAA awarded in the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine (2007-2017) highlighting awards given to FM faculty

Data are from the uOttawa Office of Continuing Professional Development (January 2018).

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