Faculty of Medicine has awarded 58 clinical research chairs

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2020

The Faculty of Medicine has awarded 58 clinical research chairs to top clinician-scientists in a five-year, $40 million investment to drive clinical research excellence and enhance health and patient care. Congratulations to our DFM members on receiving these prestigious appointments!

  • Dr. Doug Manuel: Tier 1 Clinical Research Chair in Precision Medicine for Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Dr. Claire Kendall: Tier 2 Clinical Research Chair in Strengthening Primary Care for Integrated Health Equity
  • Dr. Peter Tanuseputro: Tier 2 Clinical Research Chair in Palliative Care and Predictive Analytics 
  • Dr. Kamila Premji: Junior Clinical Research Chair in Family Medicine 

In order: Dr. Doug Manuel, Dr. Claire Kendall, Dr. Peter Tanuseputro, Dr. Kamila Premji

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