A Fond Farewell from the Chair

Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2019

Views of Lake Ontario from Dr. Delva's home

Views of Lake Ontario from Dr. Delva's home.

How did five years pass so quickly! Coming to Ottawa has been a wonderful adventure. I have met so many outstanding physicians and academics! From the very first frigid days in January 2014, I have marveled at our vibrant and wonderful Department and Faculty.

As I look back there are so many moments that I will cherish. It is not possible to include everything in my 500-word limit.  From the first strategic planning exercise in June 2014 when we came together to plan out our path to 2020, our successful accreditation in 2016, and through a renewal of governance and accountability. Not to mention our realization in 2018 that we had met all of our 2020 goals two years early!

We have celebrated many successes. Our residents continue to shine with Megan ApSimon winning the Bob Robertson Award for the highest mark in the CCFP exam (2014), Dr. Annelise Miller receiving the Murray Stalker Award (2017) and Dr. Jordan Littman publishing the CFP Best Original Research Article (2017)! Our residents have led the introduction of a Resilience committee and an annual Wellness Retreat. Our researchers are outstanding, and this year Dr. Clare Liddy will be recognized as the Family Medicine Researcher of the Year by the CFPC. Dr. Doug Manuel and Dr. Kevin Pottie were both recognized with the top 25 articles in the CMAJ in 2018. We have had three Practice of the Year awards: Melrose FHT, Clarence-Rockland FHT and the Greenboro FMC. And this is just a small sample of the accomplishments!  Our residents and faculty have received many awards of excellence locally, at the OCFP and the CCFP.

Our strength is in our diversity. We have the only dedicated francophone residency program in Ontario.  Delivering our program in the two official languages strengthens our ability to serve our population. Depuis que je suis arrivé, j'ai recouvré ma capacité à comprendre et à lire en français. Je continue d'essayer de parler en français et remercie mes collègues de leur patience et de leur aide! En particulier, la Dre Manon Denis-LeBlanc et le bureau des affaires francophones qui ont animé les cafés à 7h30 du matin!

Our one constant in the last 5 years is change! We could not have managed this without the support and dedication of our leadership at SLT, DAC, our many committees and staff. The move to Peter Morand has centralized our offices with the Faculty of Medicine and we continue to be a main supporter of undergraduate education at the University. Our teaching space has helped us repatriate activities such as CaRMS and to enhance our options for Academic Days. Thank you to our staff for their dedication to our faculty, residents and students! In particular, I want to thank Sylvie Forges-Martel for managing so professionally the many changes in the office and staffing.

We have had to tighten our belts with budget cuts and yet we have strived to support our teaching units with autonomy for innovation and clearer accountability. This transition may be challenging, but in the end, I hope will support local communities of practice with creative approaches to providing a program that meets the evolving needs of our residents and our patients.

For me, the next step is a move back to Kingston to be with my husband Nick and closer to family. I am looking forward to more time in the garden and the view of Lake Ontario. Please visit if you come to Kingston. In the meantime, thank you for your support and friendship over the past 5 years.

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