How can OPEN help you?

Posted on Friday, November 13, 2020

The Ottawa Practice Enhancement Network (OPEN) is your regional Practice-Based Learning Network focused on strengthening primary care. We support a culture of inquiry and action-oriented scholarship that is responsive to the needs of our practices. Over 2,000 Family Physicians across Canada already participate in their regional Practice-Based Learning Network.

  • Join a community of like-minded practices in the region and receive up to date information on best clinical practices, CPD opportunities, and more
  • Contribute your EMR data to receive regular reports based on cleaned and standardized EMR data
  • Address your and your residents' research and QI efforts with tailored EMR reports and support

Top five applications of your EMR data

  1. Understand the profile of your practice: Receive practice reports based on your EMR data
  2. Track selected indicators for your practice over time: Monitor your practice statistics over time and maintain close oversight of your target indicators.
  3. Create disease registries that include information to help you optimize care
  4. Identify patients who require action: Receive a list of patients for a targeted intervention based on your practice priorities (e.g., patients overdue for test)
  5. Assess the impacts of your efforts to improve quality: Track your indicators over time, before and after you introduced changes to improve quality

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The Ottawa Practice Enhancement Network (OPEN)


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