How can we help advance your passions? A Message from the Chair

Posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Bruyere Family Health Team was recently able to purchase a new point of care ultrasound machine through a donation by a grateful patient. The patient asked her family physician, Dr. Ponka what might be useful for his teaching! As he has an MSK clinic, the opportunity to provide experience for his residents and improved service to patients was a “win/win”.

This story connects me to a recent presentation on advancement given to the Clinical and Basic Science Chairs in the Faculty of Medicine. What is advancement? The dictionary definition suggests: the process of promoting a cause or plan. (e.g. "their lives were devoted to the advancement of science")

I know our faculty are passionate in advancing health care through our research and our preparation of future physicians. As a Department we lead the country in our health services research, our partnerships across jurisdictions and our Global Health strategic initiatives. We aim to ensure our trainees are well trained through the implementation of our competency based curriculum and we have developed educational innovations in both official languages. I am so proud to be a part of this dynamic and effective group. 

Yet as Clare Liddy suggested in a recent article in the Ottawa Citizen: “Successful innovations are built on a foundation of sound evidence and that evidence comes from solid research. But research alone can’t launch a service and many promising innovations have remained cloistered in academic journals: valuable platforms, but ones that rarely resonate outside their immediate circles. In order to get something implemented, you need to reach the people who do the actual implementing: clinicians, policymakers and especially patients, whose voices must be heard.”

Experts in advancement tell us that people want to be part of innovations that make a difference. How we communicate our passion and who hears us will affect the success of these partnerships. As family physicians we have relationships with many who may want to participate in our passion!

Advancement is about communicating this passion and developing the means by which others might be a part of our goals. Offices of Advancement are the supports through which we can build on these partnerships whether through the university, foundations or your research institute. The Department of Family Medicine has committed to the Department of Family Medicine Global Health Travel Bursary. Thanks to the passion of Dr. Eric Wooltorton, donations grew at the last Retreat to allow more trainees to participate in Global Health experiences.

Please consider your passions and how we might assist you in communicating these to those who can help us make a difference!

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