How to cope with being thrown in a caregiver’s position : 5 movies that make us feel less alone

Posted on Thursday, September 23, 2021

Two older adults looking at each other


1) Still Alice (2014)
This gem of a movie follows the true story of Alice, a professor at the university of Columbia, who gets diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. The film follows the life of Alice and her family as they navigate the slow loss of memory together.

2) The Notebook (2004)
Ah yes, the good old Nicholas Sparks classic. This emotional story follows the life of two lovers who can’t seem to be together or apart. With the narrative of the movie shifting from past to present, it showcases the struggles of memory loss between two people very much deeply in love.

3) Hanging up (2000)
Memory loss is almost just as much about the people around the sufferer then the sufferer them self. Meet three sisters who unpack their trauma and growing pains in this drama/comedy when they learn that their father is succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease.

4) The Father (2020)
Based on a play, this movie is filmed from the perspective of a father’s slow decent in dementia. It beautifully captures the confusion of sufferers when it comes to memory loss illnesses, and how family and professional caregivers exist in that space from this unique perspective.

5) *Momento (2000)
This movie is an honorable mention of sorts. Momento does not treat Alzheimer’s per say, but more so short term memory loss. This psychological thriller is filmed in reverse chronological order,  and showcases the permanent confusion of our protagonist Leonard, as he tries to remember who killed his wife and avenge her death. While the main character always forgets everything after 15 minutes, we the viewers slowly but surely piece together what is really happening.

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