Intellectual comic relief or just comic relief?

Posted on Wednesday, May 19, 2021

This week I bring you a list of sometimes educational, and almost always funny podcasts. Here’s my top 5 podcasts that have made me go, haha! And Aha! Often in the same breath.

  1. Doctor vs Comedian (EN)
    The title being quite self-explanatory, comic Ali Hassan and Dr. Asif Doja debate certain concepts relative to their professions and get their counterpart’s opinion on them. Topics range from the Keto diet and joke theft to Dr. Oz and roast comedy. 
  2. Deviens-tu c’que t’as voulu? (FR)
    Dominic Tardif brilliantly conducts interviews with important figures in Canadian Francophone culture. Direct and always a good player, Tardif creates a fresh and frank atmosphere which contributes to an important conversation of culture, always with laughter nearby.
  3. Les pires moments de l’histoire (FR)
    For those days when we wake up feeling like life isn't too great, Charles Beauchesne is there for us. Funny and very interesting, these historical capsules tell us about the lowest moments of humanity, making us realize that at the very least, we don't need to fight Vikings, survive a witch hunt, or live under the reign of Henry VIII.
  4. Sex with Emily (EN)
    One of the longest-standing radio shows dedicated to all things bedroom talk, Dr. Emily Morse is a podcast veteran. With a variety of guests going from anonymous callers to a variety of doctors to celebrities, Morse dives in the deep end of the complexities of the human sexual experience, and always manages to keep it light and breezy.
  5. The Joe Rogan Experience (EN)
    Joe Rogan, need I say more? This sometimes controversial figure keeps things interesting, to say the least. With a wide range of guests, Rogan is as skilled as he is polarizing, going in every episode with the goal of understanding what his guests are all about, regardless of their political leanings or life philosophies.
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