Life as a Chief Resident

Posted on Thursday, February 16, 2017

Submitted by Anthony Caragianis and James Simpson, Chief residents

Hi Everyone!

With elections for Chief coming up, we wanted to chat about what it’s like to be a chief.

A chief gets closer to the action. We sit on the family medicine post-graduate executive committee, the decision-making body for many aspects of our program including course changes, special circumstance requests and helping to guide the program into the future. The other family medicine committee is the disciplinary committee (DRPC) which handles professional and competency-based matters. You’ll also get to sit on the chief residents’ committee with the hospital – this is where we advocated for ensuring that all family medicine residents get access to iPads. 

One of the big roles of the chief residents is making call schedules. It’s very important to make sure that all residents are treated fairly and get the time off that they need. The good news is that it doesn’t take that much time; there’s a good system in place and it only takes a couple hours per month (we rotate doing it, so each chief will only do 2-4 call schedules)!

As chief, we’re also responsible for organizing some of the social events. We plan the post-academic day activities, the orientation events, and the resident retreat. There’s lots of opportunity to show off Ottawa to the incoming R1s!

Finally, as chiefs, we’re resources for residents who need help with issues that come up in residency. Residents can find themselves in difficult positions and whether it’s their personal or professional lives, it’s very rewarding to be able to provide help and support. This is easily one of the more fulfilling parts of being a chief.

So if the above sounds like fun, we’d encourage you to apply!


James and Anthony

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