Mary Lamont offers her Congratulations to QI Project Winners

Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dr. Campbell T Lamont

Dr. Campbell Thompson (CT) Lamont (pictured) was the first Chair of the DFM. Our research arm, the C.T. Lamont Primary Health Care Research Centre (CTLC) is also named in his honour. The late Dr. Lamont and his wife, Pat, established the CT and Pat Lamont Awards, which are handed out every RIO Day, to help support family medicine residents in research and scholarship. This year's winners of the CT and Pat Lamont Award for Quality Improvement, Dr. Eddy Malouf, Dr. Flavia Sendi-Mukasa and Dr. Leigh Waters, sent a note of gratitude to Mary Lamont, daughter of the late CT and Pat Lamont. 

Below is an excerpt from her note to the award winners.

"My Dad wanted to leave his mark in helping future generations of doctors, particularly in family medicine, rise to greater accomplishments, and you are obviously all fine examples...Once my Dad had an idea, he never stopped until it became reality: be stubborn and get it done. You have exemplified that quality. Cheers to you three! May you continue to even greater heights."

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