Meet our new Senior Research Associate!

Posted on Monday, April 20, 2020

Dr. Liam Rémillard

Dr. Liam Rémillard

Dr. Liam Rémillard completed his MSc in epidemiology at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph in 2014. His thesis involved identifying individual- and community-level risk factors associated with complicated grief. The first stage of this mixed-methods study involved a qualitative content analysis, and the second stage involved developing a predictive model.

Dr. Remillard has a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from the Sprott School of Business, and was certified as a Project management Professional in 2017. In addition, he completed his PhD in spatial epidemiology through Queen’s University in 2019. His dissertation involved assessing and identifying Ontario residents at high risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by predicting Ontario communities that will experience an increasing incidence of STIs the near future. The objective was to better understand how different groups of spatio-temporal, geographically-weighted, and hierarchical Bayesian regression statistical techniques can be used to better understand the spatial patterning of STIs.

Prior to joining the Bruyere Research Institute, Dr. Remillard held the role as the project portfolio manager for the Canadian Lyme Disease Research Network (CLyDRN) with Queen’s University. In doing so, Dr. Rémillard utilized project management best practices to manage this $4 million research portfolio while supporting the vision and administrative requirements of the network and its infrastructure. In his role as a senior research associate with the Bruyere Research Institute, Dr. Rémillard will be contributing both project management and analytic expertise towards Dr. Archibald’s research portfolio.

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