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Posted on Thursday, January 5, 2017

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Dr. Dianne Delva

Happy New Year to our DFM community!

As we begin another year, the DFM has much to look forward to in the 150th year since Canada’s Confederation! Ottawa in 2017 promises to be an exciting year. Our CaRMS selection is well underway and what a year to attract the best applicants to our program! Thank you to everyone who is contributing to this challenging yet rewarding process.

Building on the success of our accreditation visit, we now enter into our Continuous Quality Improvement cycle. We are waiting for the written documents to review for factual accuracy. The detailed documents will help us to focus our energy on areas that can improve. As always, the reflections of our learners help us to design a program that meets their needs now and into the future. I welcome your suggestions and innovations.

We have so many wonderful faculty members. The last issue of Pulse highlighted the stories from 2016 and we are continuing this trend to introduce our community to the many projects and accomplishments of our members. Please consider sending in your own story.

In December I attended the Faculty of Medicine Awards ceremony. Dr. Kay-Anne Haykal did a wonderful job as the master of ceremonies. Dr. Gary Viner was honoured with the well-deserved Award of Educational Advancement and Innovation in Postgraduate Medical Education and our residents were recognized with 3 of the 6 Awards based on the CanMEDS Physician Competency Framework (see our website for details).The Department of Family Medicine Awards in Undergraduate Medical Education went to Sitelle Cheskey and Jacinta Peel. We will have a chance to meet more students at the FMIG dinner on February 16. It is these activities that encourage University of Ottawa students to choose family medicine.

We are working with the Faculty of Medicine to develop a program for our Chinese colleagues to develop Family Medicine Postgraduate Training in China. Dr. Paul Hendry signed an MOU with Tongren on our behalf in December. We are seeking interest in our involvement and contributions to this program. Please contact me if you have ideas or are interested. We anticipate having up to seven visitors in March.

This month we welcomed Zoi Coucopoulos to the DFM to oversee new appointments, promotions and annual reviews. We will be advertising for some vacancies in leadership positions, most notably for the Postgraduate Program Director as Dr. Eyre’s term ends in June. Please look for the posting in February.

And finally, we have planned a celebration to thank everyone for their contribution to Accreditation on January 26 at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre. Please join us!

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