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Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2017

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Meet our dedicated and talented team!

This month we celebrated the Annual uOttawa Service Excellence Week from October 2 to October 6.  With a number of changes over the year our support staff have risen to the challenges and improved our efficiency while at the same time maintaining excellent service.  Many assume that our programs can run smoothly and may not be aware of the dedication and talent of the team.  In this post, I would like to introduce the team and their incredible work. 

Under the direction of Cynthia Mar, Director Strategic Planning and Operations and super planner, we achieved full accreditation in 2017, launched the Governance and Accountability Review of the Department, planned the renovations and move to Peter Morand and worked with MedTech and Petal MD to improve the IT infrastructure of our work.  Cynthia is successful because of an amazing team: 

Kim Rozon is known to many members of the Department as the longest serving member with a start date in 2000.  Kim oversees a large team in which every member plays a vital role in the postgraduate program.  Emily Villeneuve held down two jobs as the PGY2 coordinator and the PG Admin assistant until we welcomed Chandra Landry back as the PG Admin Assistant.  Julia Testa oversees the PGY1 and PGY3 curricula.  She was here very late prior to the July start to overcome the glitches in the electronic documentation for the new residents to begin!  And every unit has their own special coordinator who I see at graduation are the real connection to the program!  They are Community: Andrea Rawley; Bruyère: Madona Buffett and Nathalie Le Saulnier;  Civic: Pascal Laliberté and Samantha Hesson, Montfort : Diane Lachapelle and Johanna Alexis;  Pembroke : Christine Caron-Goulet; Primrose: Karen Hopkins; Riverside: Ashley Mautbur;  Winchester: Catherine O’Neil, who will shortly take over from Alan Archer as he takes on another position at the Winchester Hospital. 

Donna Williams in the main office and Marijke Cowick at the Montfort manage the Undergraduate curriculum assigning the 165 students per year to the PSD program and overseeing the clerkship.  These are challenging coordinating jobs to match students with our many faculty.   

Asiya Rolston supports Faculty Development, Global Health, and Curriculum.  She has also taken on the daunting task of doing minutes of SLT and the Governance and Accountability Task Force.

Our Research Unit is ably supported by Sylvie Forgues-Martel in the Office of Strategic Initiatives.  Sylvie has been a savior for a number of initiatives this year.  Iman Sabra is best known to us as the coordinator of Research Grand Rounds among many other tasks. 

Our administrative team includes Louise Weir who cheerfully does all the extra jobs to keep us on track!  Zoi Coucopoulos keeps track of our 500 faculty members and assists new members to be appointed.  In addition, she prepares the minutes and agendas for DAC and DTPC, two central committees of the Department.  Renelle Trepanier has just left for maternity leave and we welcome Cynthia Irving as the Finance Officer working with our Virtual CFO, Jennifer Eastwood. 

Finally, last but not least, Emma Dickinson is responsible for Communications!  Pulse, our website and all other communications are delivered with her capable assistance. 

Thank-you to each and every one for your dedication to delivering service excellence and for keeping our ship afloat!

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