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Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2017

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November has been a very busy month!  For those who helped us move to Peter Morand, a huge THANK-YOU!  As we all know, moving is disruptive and presents many unanticipated challenges.  We are now set up at 600 Peter Morand and had our first faculty meeting with the Governance and Accountability Consensus Retreat in the new space at 850 Peter Morand.  If you have not had a chance to visit, please join us for our open house on Friday, December 15 from 3-5 pm.  We will salute the holidays and meet our new neighbours. 

Despite a column in the middle of the room, we enjoyed the excellent AV, bright space and collegial exchanges at 850 Peter Morand at the November 3rd Consensus Retreat.  Thanks to Dr. Nick Busing our facilitator and all faculty members who took time from busy schedules to respectfully and constructively help shape our future directions.  The next steps following the Consensus Retreat will be to review the many thoughtful comments, develop the Governance and Accountability frameworks and proceed with implementation.  This is an iterative process and will be only relevant as we work towards common understanding and practice.  I invite continuing dialogue from all faculty members.

The Governance and Accountability Consensus Retreat on November 3

This month is extremely busy with our national and provincial meetings.  It was wonderful to see so many of our medical students, residents and faculty members at FMF last week. I am looking forward to meeting many of you at NAPCRG (North American Primary Care Group meeting) and the OCFP Annual Scientific Assembly at the end of the month.  These meetings allow us to highlight our work, meet with colleagues from other universities and to celebrate our many award winners.  Congratulations to everyone whose contributions were accepted for presentation!  The University of Ottawa is very well represented.  In addition, many congratulations to Dr. Annelise Miller (CFPC Murray Stalker Award), Dr. Roland Halil and Dr. Jordan Littman (CFP Original Research Article of the Year), Dr. Maija Robinson and Dr. Shari Manga (CFPC Student Leadership Awards), Dr. Tamara Pokrupa-Nahanni (CFPC Indigenous Student Leadership Award), Dr. Sharon Johnston (NAPCRG Distinguished Paper), Dr. Sohil Rangwala (OCFP Award of Excellence), Dr. Robin Kennie (OCFP Community Teacher of the Year) and Dr. Christiane Kuntz (OCFP Regional Family Physician of the Year). Dr. Michelle Anawati and Dr. Christine Nadeau will also be presented with Faculty of Medicine Awards in Education for the Collaborator competency in December.

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