Message from the Chair

Posted on Monday, April 16, 2018

Accountability is top of mind at the moment.The dictionary defines accountability as “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions”. In this issue we are launching our Annual Report.The report is an account of the many accomplishments of our Department. I am amazed and proud of all our successes, including awards, publications and successes of our programs! Please review the Report Card that shows we have achieved most of our strategic goals.

Many have worked hard for the Accreditation process of the Medical School. This is the accountability process to our students and stakeholders. The meetings took place this week and I thank everyone who participated. We will learn about how we measure up in the next few months.The exit interview will provide preliminary results.

Currently, our Departmental Accountability working group is developing tools to measure the work of our faculty with an aim to measure and reward successes.

Accountability also helps us identify weaknesses that we can then address in the continuous quality improvement cycle. CQI is not only essential for excellent clinical practice but important for our stakeholders.More and more, funding is dependent on transparent productivity through the AFP’s, the Ministry and the University. Implicit in accountability is the need to count. Determining the relevant metrics and how to value these will be an ongoing process. We know we will not be perfect to start but in the spirit of CQI the processes will evolve as our goals and priorities change. May 1 is the deadline for submission for the annual cycle of Faculty Reviews; this process will be aligned in the future with the accountability processes.

A success we can celebrate is the 25th anniversary of the Montfort residency program with over 200 graduates serving the francophone communities in Ontario and Canada. Félicitations à tous au Montfort! Bravo!

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