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Posted on Friday, April 24, 2020

As we enter the second month of the 'new normal', I sincerely want to thank you for your continued efforts in supporting your peers, your patients and your department. I continue to be impressed by your passion and continued contribution during these unprecedented times.

I am proud of our students, residents and faculty members for their strong commitment to our academic program. Thank you for quickly adapting your teaching and learning methods during this Winter term. Our faculty members, Dr. Shauna Bassel and Dr. Eric Wooltorton , have taken this opportunity to innovate and enhance MedEd. They've created a YouTube video to help faculty and resident preceptors focus case presentation skills, and assess clinical reasoning using the SNAPPS technique.

Pictured here, our PGY2 resident, Dr. Mira Abdelshahid , and faculty member, Dr. Eric Wooltorton , doff their PPE after providing home visits for palliative, vulnerable and isolated family medicine patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. #DFMstrong

Our leadership team created a helpful resource, the DFM Virtual Care Best Practices Guide , for which you can share with your peers. We are also collaborating with our peers across Canadian medical schools to finalize the uOttawa COVID-19 Competencies in the Family Medicine Residency Program. We look forward to sharing this comprehensive document with you soon.

I recognize our faculty members, Dr. Doug Manuel , Dr. Lise Bjerre , Dr. Amy Hsu , Dr. Daisy Moores, Dr. David Millar and more, who have shared their expertise with the media. Thank you for your enormous efforts in supporting our community. More than ever, let's keep working together, check-in on each other and remember to take it one step at a time.

Dr. Kathleen Pajer, Chair of the Department of Psychiatry, recently   shared her insights  on COVID’s impacts on our emotional well-being, and steps you can take to improve it. In addition, the Faculty Wellness Program has now implemented a workplace  "buddy system"   program as a way of offering additional peer and collegial support.

Earlier this month, we hosted the DFM's  first virtual Faculty Development Half Day . I'd like to thank our Director of Faculty Development, Dr. Eric Wooltorton , and the rest of the team for sharing practical tips regarding online teaching, promotion, helping learners in difficulty and learning the difference between mentorship and coaching.

Early 2020, uOttawa residents were asked to outline the qualities that make an excellent clinical teacher. These qualities include patient care, quality of bedside teaching, and interest in their trainees' personal development and wellbeing. Join me in congratulating  Dr. Jason LeClair, recipient of the 2020 PARO Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award at uOttawa! Join me in also congratulating Jessica Tao on the PARO Citizenship Award for medical students !

Lastly, I'm happy to announce our residency program has fully matched in the second iteration of CaRMS this month! Thank you to all who have helped with the short window for review for the second round of CaRMS applicants! We look forward  to welcoming the new cohort on July 1!  #MatchYourPassion

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