Messages from the Chair and Director of Strategy and Operations

Posted on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Message from the Chair

Happy New Year to our community!  I hope the holidays provided peace and rest and renewed energy for the coming year.  We are now settled at the new Department of Family Medicine offices at 600 Peter Morand.  We enjoyed our opening party in December (see photos below).  We met our neighbours and welcomed many faculty, residents and students.  The residents have worked out some of the challenges of academic day at 850 Peter Morand.  Adjustments to parking and getting lunch continue.  As always the residents are resourceful and imaginative.  The next academic day will feature a multicultural potluck!

We have also experienced a very successful Faculty Development event led by Eric Wooltorton in our new space.  Our current challenge is conducting the CaRMS interview process onsite.  This will be the test of the new space!  Dr. Rangwala and Kim Rozon and her team have developed new plans with bus trips to the various sites to give the students an idea of the options in our program.  A huge thank-you to everyone for their patience and involvement!  I believe this was a record year with all files being reviewed in time to provide students with their interview schedule early enough to make travel plans!

As we enter another promotion cycle, I would like to remind you to keep track of your teaching and innovations.  Eric recently shared an interesting article on scholarship using social media.  I recommend you consider this as you continue to develop your academic portfolio.  The article can be accessed online: Cabrera, D., Vartabedian, B. S., Spinner, R. J., Jordan, B. L., Aase, L. A., & Timimi, F. K. (2017). More Than Likes and Tweets: Creating Social Media Portfolios for Academic Promotion and Tenure. Journal of Graduate Medical Education, 9(4), 421–425. 

The Department is developing our on-line tools and curriculum for Faculty Development and for the training program.  With your uOttawa email you will soon be able to access these tools on Brightspace and we will be able to share our teaching resources more effectively.  I look forward to the continued innovation among our wonderful Department.

Message from the Director of Strategic Planning and Operations

Welcome back from what I hope was a restful holiday season! After a challenging year of change in 2017, the Department of Family Medicine is now truly at home in our new locations at 600 and 850 Peter Morand. We had a great time welcoming our colleagues at our Open House event on December 15th. Special thanks to Andrea Rawley, who organized a fantastic event, and the entire DFM central team for helping out.

This month, we are proud to welcome over 500 prospective residents to our new offices and teaching space for the first time for CaRMS interviews. Thank you to our amazing support staff who have been working tirelessly to coordinate this important event. We are also very grateful to the many faculty, residents and coordinators who are participating in file reviews, interviews and representing our department in person.  We are also in the midst of our 2018-2019 budgeting as well as our staff performance reviews.

We look forward to another exciting year ahead as we continuously try to improve our accountability, processes and skill sets, with the implementation of PetalMD, an automated scheduling system as well as re-looking at our financial processes, our organizational structure, and our governance model and accountability framework.

The DFM team is dedicated to supporting this Department, the family medicine program and all its teachers and learners and administration. If there is any way that we can assist you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at

The DFM Open House on December 15
The DFM Open House on December 15
The DFM Open House on December 15
The Hornettes at the DFM Open House on December 15

The Hornettes


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