My New Year's resolution? Be kind to myself

Posted on Friday, January 15, 2021

A lit sparkler

By: Dr. Julia Buthmann

New Year's Resolutions are (most often) based on the assumption that we are doing poorly and need to be more serious and self-disciplined in order to be better.

We think that we will like ourselves more if we finally start to eat better, work out, stop scrolling Instagram, get outside, write in our 5-minute journal and become more positive about the pandemic.

Our concept of self-worth is tied to success.

So, when our New Year’s Resolutions "fail", we see ourselves as failure.

So, what if this year, we make our resolution about being compassionate to ourselves? About seeing the struggles we face to achieve our goals not as failure, but as part of our journey?

Self-compassion allows us to feel angry, hurt, worried, bored, sad, lazy and tired by accepting them as being part of the human experience and by providing kindness and caring to ourselves in those moments.

And then, knowing that you'll still be a good person even if you eat that piece of cake tomorrow, maybe it will actually help us feel encouraged and be more successful in our endeavour to improve our health and well-being.

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