A New Concussion Management Resource

Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2018

An exciting new resource arising out of discussions at the 5th international conference on concussion in sport, held in Berlin Germany during October 2016, has just been made available to the public. The Public Health Agency of Canada granted funds to a collaboration between CASEM members, educators from the York Region District School Board and the concussion group at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital to research and produce SchoolFirst. This new resource will guide all Canadian elementary and secondary students returning to school after a concussion. It is an evidence-informed guide especially for teachers and school administrators who will learn best practices and how to become a concussion champion. We anticipate seeing a wide dissemination of this resource across Canada over the coming months. Please have a look and mention the SchoolFirst release to educators in your community, to your colleagues and to your patients.

"As a resident, I had the good fortune to spend a month in Dr. Carson's clinic.  During that time, I saw many high school student-athletes navigating the sometimes difficult course of concussion recovery.  I observed how much of a difference a structured concussion recovery program can make. One of the keys to this success was a program that included efforts not only of the patient but also the support of their family, teachers, physicians and coaches. The SchoolFirst program is a great resource for us to share with our patients as well as parents and teachers to help guide student-athletes in concussion recovery and return to school."

- Dr. Mena Kirloss - Bruyère Graduate, 2017

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