New Podcast is a HIIT at the DFM

Posted on Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A Doctor's Guide to Exercise Prescription


Dr. Lindsay Bradley’s new podcast for med students has many goals, but encouraging physical movement is the main motivation for this new project.

Because of virtual learning due to the pandemic, DFM students/residents spend far more time looking at screens. “A Doctor’s Guide to Exercise Prescription” encourages med students to exercise while listening to the podcast. This format of teaching gives students, residents and physicians in primary care a much-deserved screen break, and simulates a HIIT workout cycle that can be modified for injury or accessibility.

With her interests ranging from concussion, athletes with a disability, osteoarthritis, global health and mental health in athletes, Dr. Bradley and her two partners in the project, Dr. Janet Barber PGY3 and Megan Brenkel address a great variety of topics. This podcast series has the mission of educating medical learners and physicians on how to prescribe exercise, with each episode focusing on a specific patient population.

As for what inspired this entire project? The answer is actually quite simple. Resident/students didn’t want another lecture in front of a screen, shares Bradley. It’s a fun way to learn, it’s auditory teaching and the students benefit from a little bit of exercise at the same time. She also mentions that with this new medium of teaching, lectures can be shortened or even sometimes cancelled.

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