November is Osteoporosis Month

Posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Author: Ireen Savoy

An X-ray of the knees


Canada has a disease that affects many members of its population, particularly citizens 40 years of age and over. November is Osteoporosis Month, and here we're going to talk about the who, how, and why of it in honor of this memorial month.

It is important to note from the outset 1.5 million Canadians, or 10% of our total population, are affected by this disease. Who is this 10%? Mostly adults over 40, and very often women. They are four times more likely to develop this chronic disease which weakens the bones of the body, making what gives us a basic body structure much more prone to be broken with not much-applied force or sudden movement. Women are more at risk of developing osteoporosis than men because they start with lower bone density, and they lose bone mass faster with age, according to the Government of Canada site. 1

But then you wonder, and with good reason, what actions we can take to mitigate this risk. According to the McGill University Health Center, careful attention to protein consumption - that is, making sure you are not deficient in protein - helps support healthy bones. “The prevailing theory was that you shouldn't eat too much protein, because the acid associated with it could lead to bone loss,” says Dr. Goltzman, who is also a professor of medicine at McGill University. 2 But our study shows that for older adults, too little protein can be harmful to bone health. The article continues with Dr. Goltzman, who recommends that adults over 50 ensure that at least 15 percent of their daily calories come from protein.

Regarding professional procedures, the Brunet Pharmacy states that "in Canada, several drugs are approved to prevent or treat osteoporosis. They can come in different forms, for example, tablets or injections. While some will need to be taken daily, others require it to be taken once a week, a month, and in some cases even every six months or annually. It is worth discussing with your doctor and pharmacist to identify the type of therapy that appeals to you the most. " 3

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