The Ottawa Hospital creates special COVID-19 clinic for moms and newborns

Posted on Monday, December 14, 2020

Ottawa Citizen

Dr. Daisy Moores and Dr. David Millar at the Ottawa Hospital

Maternal health experts at The Ottawa Hospital, realizing those mothers had nowhere to go for postpartum care because they were in isolation and couldn’t go in to regular postpartum clinics, created a special clinic earlier this month to support mothers and their newborns facing the additional challenge of COVID-19.

“For the first couple of weeks, these families were completely without anywhere physical to seek any care and we were doing telephone visits,” said Dr. Daisy Moores, head of the division of maternal and newborn care at The Ottawa Hospital. “It is hard to assess and weigh a baby over the phone.”

“It is an anxiety-provoking time,” said Dr. David Millar, executive director and medical lead at Monarch Centre. “We want them to feel confident that they will be provided with the best possible start.”

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